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    RIP Raymond Joseph Urso II - AKA 1WykdMK8

    im alil late as i havent been on here in a while... R.I.P ray, thoughts and prayers are with ya.
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    Lincoln Mark 7 Performance jet chip 15.2 at 91 stock!

    must be one hell of a chip.... or story :rolleyes:
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    I just hit a Mattress on Road.....

    man thats pretty F'd up.... i guess junk in the road is a possibility you shouldnt sleep on :D
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    93 mark viii rear

    hey buford whats up... no its the rear from my gold mark... the one you gave me n eric was a 95, he's got the rear in his garage for when he gets another mark. thanks sooo much again. i seen your old pal andy ( mr wilson) at the parts store today lol. he's got a ''hopped up'' ram ss/t
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    93 mark viii rear

    Originally Posted by 02LSE96LSC91SE84TC Quote: Originally Posted by hotrodlincoln93 Quote: Originally Posted by 02LSE96LSC91SE84TC Quote: Originally Posted by hotrodlincoln93 Quote: Originally Posted by 02LSE96LSC91SE84TC Quote: Originally Posted by hotrodlincoln93 Quote...
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    93 mark viii rear

    stock rear out of 93 mark viii... worked great, just upgraded to 4:10 posi rear. good rear to have built while your drive you mark so theres no down time, or if you just need a new one. b/o on it.. dont really need. would prefer somebody local, but my freinds got a paypal and all that so...
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    I Could Use Some Help !;(

    maybe some help with a more original user name:rolleyes:
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    Airshow pics from Fort Dix.

    wish i made it to the airshow... i got to see alil of the show as i was passing through mguire after droppin my friend off comin home from wildwood carshow. the A-10 and the mustang flew right over top my car lol. nice pics.. and nice momma and daughter from behind. hahah.
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    Anyone going?

    was a good time today... lots of mopars out there
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    Gen 1 post pics of your exhaust

    nicee mark viii man.. i wish i never sold my 20's.
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    Scheduled To Attend!!!!

    im soooo there... :cool: since i live like 20 mins away.
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    Tasca SuperMark

    i'll go halves wit ya tommy :p
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    Tint laws in the Garden State (that's New Jersey)

    its a big pain in the balls... i've got tint on my mark viii here in NJ and i get stopped alot, i usually manage to get out of it... but those inspection traps they liek to pop up around here are noo good. the dmv does these roadside inspection post. you pull through and they right you...
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    Tints on LS = bad idea

    i got 5% on my mark viii all around.. cops usually dont bother me too much, they mention i should remove it when i get pulled over for other reasons. however i got nailed in one of those mobile inspection traps and that cost alot of money in court. but the tint is still there. a wiser man...
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    got 4:10s in my car now

    hey there msm8tress, thats cool you got some gears in that thing too :cool: ... my car's shifting alil off but when i manual shift it its a dream. im hopin the chip/tune will perfect all that. hope everything works out for ya ;) i def need to order a new speedo gear like 98lsc32valve was...
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    got 4:10s in my car now

    i got the 4:10s with the auborn posi in my mark.. what a difference :cool: i lucked out and my stock one piece shaft doesnt vibrate so thats a big plus. i gotta get the new speedo gear cuz my speedometer is way off. if all goes well i'll have it chipped/tuned this week. then drag radials...
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    For all the pretty boys on the LVC

    yea thats the best thing to do... IFS sucks. those CV joints dont hold up lol.
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    For all the pretty boys on the LVC

    my old wheeler 94 turbo diesel... my friend just got the 42s on it today. miss that truck :(
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    what ever happened to mr willson ???

    LMAO.. goood ol' tabernacle/shamong hahaha :p
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    what ever happened to mr willson ???

    he lives 2 towns over from me.. he sold his mark viii recently for cheaap after having it for sale for a while. now he drives this indy 500 pace truck lookin dodge ram lol :rolleyes: