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    Mark viii rear neon brake light

    I am interested in purchasing the light Bad Guy
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    chrome 10 spokes & new tires 4 sale.

    Turborich, The pictures look like the wheels are in excellent shape - if so, I would be interested in wheels and tires. What are you looking to get for everything? Bad Guy
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    Orange County Choppers Bike

    OCC's Lincoln Mark LT Bike was on display here in Cranston at TASCA's Automotive Group this past weekend. Damn - sweet bike - wish I had an extra 150K to purchase one.
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    Rhode island

    Welcome and yes we have one other person from RI
  5. 1989 Lincoln LSC

    1989 Lincoln LSC

    1989 Red/Black LSC A/R 16" Pythons Flowmaster cat back system More to come soon!!!!! 1998 BLK/BLK MK VIII LSC Completely stock 63K
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    Testing to see if this works

    ONEBADMK8, When I get some time to work on her I may try lowering her, Also xcuse my ignorance but what is meant by "TASCA SUPERMARK, since the largest Lincoln dealership her in RI is owned by a Family named TASCA. Any connection?
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    Testing to see if this works

    Old School, Not Sure I know how to create a website! Thanks to all for the +feedback.
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    Testing to see if this works

    Thanks Driller :D
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    Testing to see if this works

    Thanks for the feedback Sifrino3, They are a/r pythons Old school,I have a few more
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    Testing to see if this works

    Wanted to see if I could get this to work!