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  1. Lincoln Lawyer

    Gen 1 LS parts wanted

    I hit a deer tonight...Looking for: Upper grill Passenger side headlight lens Crome pieces around the bumper
  2. Lincoln Lawyer

    LSE Grill

    did this sell or is it still available?
  3. Lincoln Lawyer


  4. Lincoln Lawyer

    New Midwest Girl to the Site!

    Hello everyone. Another LS owner looking to communicate with those who feel my pain and are driven by my passion. I am so thankful for this site. I've only been a member for a day but have already learned I am not the only one looking for answers concerning current problems and ways to...
  5. Lincoln Lawyer

    Sunroof Problems

    I used an air compressor and blew air down the tracks. I also lubricated both tracks. I got frustrated and started pulling on it and found out one side seems to be loose or off the track. I am currently quite fed up with this vehicle considering last week the passenger window regulator had to be...
  6. Lincoln Lawyer

    Sunroof Problems

    Ok. Ill work on the vents. The SR wont close all the way. the glass will come all the way to the front but then doesnt proceed to rise in the back to make a seal. It also resists to go into the light angled positing.
  7. Lincoln Lawyer

    Sunroof Problems

    Can't say everyone loves my choice of wheel but that is why it's mine. A girl's gotta love her car.
  8. Lincoln Lawyer

    Sunroof Problems

    Ha. No but that would be pretty sweet.
  9. Lincoln Lawyer

    Sunroof Problems

    I am having trouble closing my sunroof all the way. I stays in the vented position and the backend of the glass doesn't seal. When I hit the button to close it I can hear some electronic click try to close it. If any one has had similar problems or knows how to help please let me know.
  10. 2000 Lincoln LS

    2000 Lincoln LS