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  1. DaveSmed

    Fuel Injector Help Please

    I'd feel pretty secure in saying its the injector. Did you measure the injectors resistance by any chance? Disconnect the connector, and ohm it out. When it's acting up, it will probably show infinity, or open.
  2. DaveSmed

    Water Pump Replacement

    Need a special tool. Most auto parts stores carry it. Usually there pretty easy to do too.
  3. DaveSmed

    4100 Badging

    There were fender badges, but they referred to it as a HT4100 (kinda like the vortec engine series) and it also said Digital Fuel Injection. Not sure if its what your looking for though.
  4. DaveSmed

    how many fleetwood owners we got?

    Bit dirty, But other than that, perfect. Gotta get some nicer weather for some meets.... :C With the colder weather, all the places I visit in my many travels are getting pretty busy, even this place is picking up pretty well. I guess more people are inside on the computer instead of working...
  5. DaveSmed

    What CAR Related Things Did You Ask Santa For?

    Calibration kit for an Edelbrock Performer carburetor... :)
  6. DaveSmed

    1991 Seville - Lots of questions, but not finding answers

    The "camera thing" refrenced earlier...... Do you have something called Guide-Matic? I believe it is the sensor for that. The one for the mirror is just a little round dot, and that is whats controlled by those buttons. The twilight sentinel adjustment merely controls how long the lights stay on...
  7. DaveSmed

    how many fleetwood owners we got?

    I should post some more I suppose..... When you register, it asks you which brand you own..... Any way to get the stats Joey? i'm kinda curious.....
  8. DaveSmed

    Who knows electrical?

    Might sound silly, but have you tried holding the button in? If it works as long as you hold it, you found the problem.
  9. DaveSmed

    When Is It Time For Mass Air?

    Ill go give that a try, if there's still a problem, i'll make a new thread in the other vehicles section, as to not hijack this one more. ;) Thanks a bunch for your help.
  10. DaveSmed

    When Is It Time For Mass Air?

    Inital is at 15, and the wires are where they should be (theres only 4, so its not too hard to check). The plugs are new, and when I questioned my friend on the gap he wasn't too sure, so he is going to recheck them.
  11. DaveSmed

    Im Pissed ----Who Did This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Must say, given the choice, I'll take snow over hurricanes any day. :) Besides, Snow takes on a different perspective if you happen to own a plow.... ($$!)
  12. DaveSmed

    When Is It Time For Mass Air?

    Since you seem fairly knowledgeable on the Ford electronic ignition systems, I have a question for you. My friend's car has a bad miss with the spout connector plugged in, yet it disappears as soon as its unplugged, and runs smooth as ever (just no power due to no advance) What could cause that?
  13. DaveSmed

    Irritating Vacuum Assist

    You have to have either a 85 or 86 to have the electric vacuum assist. This pump ONLY runs when the car is running (maybe with the ignition on) BUT not when parked. The pump that runs with the car shut off and parked would be the ELC compressor for the rear suspension. You likely have had a leak...
  14. DaveSmed

    Remote key fob: reprogrammable?

    The keyless entry modules are located above the glove box on Devilles of that era, very easy to get to. Retangular black box with a sticker that says TRW on it. I would suggest checking the fuses, and since you have a 91, I believe you have the Maxi-fuses. Sounds like it could be one of them if...
  15. DaveSmed

    Who knows electrical?

    From your other posts, I found you have an 86 Deville. There should be a fuse panel by the emergency brake, folded up in the dash. There is also one above the beauty panel in the passenger side of the dash, on the bottom of the relay center. As far as the radio, if all the fuses check out, the...
  16. DaveSmed

    Deville Digital Dash

    I would have to disagree. If you notice, when you press the E/M button on your digital speedometer, there is a slight delay in the fuel/climate display updates. That is because the digital speedometer is grounding a wire to the BCM for the other displays as opposed to the metric portion that is...
  17. DaveSmed

    Big Brother or just Progress?

    Unless its vacuum operated, I dont have one! :N
  18. DaveSmed

    In a world called, Not-So-Perfect...

    1968 Deville...... Hmm. I'd have to go with a 1961-64 Continental.
  19. DaveSmed

    Free Car Fax Reports

    Thanks a lot for your help with the VINs! Regarding the centers, your car should have black center caps with a silver wreath and crest, being a regular Deville. The silver centers were Fleetwood and 60 Special only.
  20. DaveSmed

    Free Car Fax Reports

    Thanks a lot for helping everyone out with your generous offer! 1FABP46W4FH146585 1FABP4639FH128587 1GCCS1946R8118698 BTW, Where did you get the center caps for your car? Those are off a Fleetwood.