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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    I ran larger shot on just a 255 intank all stock lines and filter, I also only put NOS on switch on throttle WOT. Where I have to bury gas pedal.
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    Not Passing Emissions

    Do you have a TUNE in the computer?
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    Ed Hall Jr?

    Yep this place is dead
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    Post your drag times!

    I went 7.9 @85 N/A
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    Post your drag times!

    My 93 100% stock engine with mods ( and lightened) shown here went 6.84 @100.5 on 150 ish shot
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    cost to supercharge?

    How about you link the supercharges you are talking about??
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    cost to supercharge?

    Come on 11.7K for a mk8 NO WAY
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    Welcome. First thing is put your rims on correct. They are on the wrong sides of car. The top swooshes should face the rear of car.
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    Full Cat delete

    BBK Mustang long tubes install Bets?
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    Ran my codes

    Washing my hands.
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    Ran my codes

    All you have to do is watch LIVE data stream on code reader and watch the 02's to see if they are working properly. Super easy. But If you want to change all ok. Also what is "I went ahead and shotgunned the system"
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    Ran my codes

    Very strange your car has no sensors or any inputs off the fuel regulator. Did you try running codes again and also check pending codes?
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    Intercooled B Head Supercharger. The one most said couldn't be done!

    Dude that looks really nice and alot of good work there in 3D. I aplaude your time and detail put into this. Now don't take any of my next stuff as negative just real world. MK8 guys are a tight wad group and a super small group. This deal just intake will be more money then 99% paid for their...
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    How would I use the factory Mark VIII cellular phone.

    You cannot use the stock phone anymore. I heard the tech is not used anymore.
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    steering wheel pulsing

    Mine was 100% the Rack. I would take off ramp and the wheel would cycle like on and off thru the arc of the turn. Put new rack in and could fly on off ramps now.
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    atf dip stick location mark 8

    Pass side of engine up against fire wall
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    Fan not working

    Did you check the fan plug ? Those melt all the time.
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    10 second Stock bottom end KING

    My wires are laid out like they should be. Sometimes its hard to follow where they go from pic. That intake box is a 90's Mustang 5.0 March ram air box. You can see my thread here Mustang March Ram Air Install Pics
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    Engine noise on start up

    Both my m8's do it and also the mk8 engine we put in my buddies cobra. All have like 100K on them. No oil or filter will change it.
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    Engine noise on start up

    A lot of mk8's do this. When engine is doing this you have zero oil pressure. As soon as oil pump starts pumping the timing chain tensioner pumps up. I did a oil pressure gauge test on this and that's how I found info. Don't worry about it.