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  1. Cadillac Seville STS Dry Nitrous Install

    Cadillac Seville STS Dry Nitrous Install

    By: Speedy_2 Ok, here's my "How To" on installing the "Nitrous Express "Incognito" Hidden Dry System"(NX# 60000) and give your 1998 Cadillac STS Performance Power Here's the kit (Click on photos to enlarge them) System comes with: # 1.4 lb. bottle # solenoid # fill fitting # polyline #...
  2. speedy_2

    Well.....Looking into an LS...

    Sorry, by ETC I meant, "et cetera." lol.
  3. speedy_2

    Well.....Looking into an LS...

    Been awhile since I've been here. Had a '98 STS a long time ago. Now looking for a car again and I see a 2002 LS V8 at a lot last night. 33,000 miles!! Thoughts on these cars? What should I look for? ETC? Their asking price is $10,900ish?
  4. speedy_2

    1998 Seville STS

    Haven't been here in forever, but I thouht I'd at least post this. I still haven't found another car but listing this will make me even more motivated to find something. I'm looking to buy a 2000-2004 STS with low miles. Or a 4th Gen Camaro Z28 w/6 speed. 1998 Cadillac Seville STS 141,700...
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    Everybody, Post your Wheels

    The stockers are still lookin' good. Maybe one day I'll take em off.
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    Rear Valve Cover Leak!!

    Well, it's been 3,000 miles since my last oil change. So, the Check Oil Level comes up on the DIC. So I take it to the shop up the street since they'll top it off for free. Well, they tell me nothing registered on the dip stick. And I have a leak coming from the rear valve cover seal!! I...
  7. speedy_2

    All Ford Show![56K noway]

    All ford show today in Pensacola at University Mall. It'll be going on tomorrow too. The Sun was directly over head which made it hard to take pics :?
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    Interesting Video

    Kinda long though...Makes ya think..hmm..
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    Grocery Getter on Steriods!!
  10. speedy_2

    Retarded Teenagers..[Long post]

    I get on the freeway and there it is, a green cavalier with a fart cannon. But, then, I see it pull up next to a random car on the freeway and rev at them. Then they proceed to swerve toward them acting like they were going to run into them. They did it about 3 times and It made me hot! So I...
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    Pics from the Races Tonight

    Went to Qualcomm tonight. I took more pics than I usually do. Enjoy! Sleeper Volvo!! 8) I want! All Go and no show! :lol: Grand Nationals!! and A t-type at the end!! Umm a VW?? Correct me if I'm wrong or if I'm right, what model is it...
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    It's like CARFAX, cept you ain't gotta pay fer it. I didn't think it was true at first!! :)
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    San Diego Auto Show

    oops :shifty:
  14. speedy_2

    San Diego Auto Show

  15. speedy_2

    San Diego Auto Show

  16. speedy_2

    San Diego Auto Show

    Anyone else go?? I went today. It was great!! I actually took over 200 pics. I wanted to stay all day long. Here's quite a few, but not all.
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    Random Pics I took

    Cost me over a grand for it with a couple lenses. She's a friend of a friend. She needed some pics taken, so I offered :) Got about 150 of her too :D
  18. speedy_2

    Random Pics I took

    I got me a Canon Digital Rebel XT. It was my post deployment gift to myself. I absolutely love it. Here's some pics ;)
  19. speedy_2

    I'm coming for you MAllen82!!!

    I WIN!!