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    1995 Lincoln Mark VIII For Sale! *HOT BUY*

    I'm having the sunroof done on Monday I believe. I think it was close to $900.00 for a totaly professional job. The company is VERY well known and does an excellent job. I don't by chance have the name of it right now, my dad knows. I'll post the name of the co. and any other info I could...
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    1995 Lincoln Mark VIII For Sale! *HOT BUY*

    Thanks pep... The car rides great. Already added the stainless steel b pillars on the doors. I prolly will be buying something new for it every weekend... haha. They got a hot set of angel eyes for it, jumpin on those soon, along with some hid's.
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    1995 Lincoln Mark VIII For Sale! *HOT BUY*

    LoL, Good point, Nobody... Well guys as of a few days now, the car has been SOLD. Didn't take much advertising at all, figuring this was the only place I did. I will be delivering the car this weekend to a good friend of Mike's, aka 94m5. I know it will be taken care of and be well...
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    Getting ready to pull my engine....

    Damn Mike, progress is going good on the '95. Great work. That is going to be one hell of a car after all is said and done, for sure. Thanks for coming out the other day and checking out the ride, If all goes well, Seth is going to be one happy guy with my '95 and you'll be loving a rare...
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    1995 Lincoln Mark VIII For Sale! *HOT BUY*

    Hey Mike... Please give me a call again, I forgot to save your number. Your more than welcome to come over and check it out tomorrow. I'll be here. It's relatively easy to get here. Take I-55 North to Harlem Ave. So however you go to get to I-55. Hopefully Your on here and see this. I will be...
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    1995 Lincoln Mark VIII For Sale! *HOT BUY*

    Just put 4 new 225/60/16 tires on this morning. Car rides awesome. New pics will be up this weekend, have a few people coming by to check it out. This morning the car was spotless, now it's filthy from the snow/hail/rain/ highway driving.
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    1995 Lincoln Mark VIII For Sale! *HOT BUY*

    Bump... Car is getting new stock tires on later this week. Up to date pics will be taken shortly. $5,500 or best offer. Price is negoitable. Thanks for your time.
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    Look it's the Piece of $#!+ again

    Sh!t, I better get like $6,500 for my Mark then..... haha. That's one hideous Mark. I might be putting mine on ebay soon, if no one is interested in the next month. Jump on this PEOPLE! :D Thanks.
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    1995 Lincoln Mark VIII For Sale! *HOT BUY*

    It passed emissions with flying colors. The Magnaflows give it a nice DEEP sound. Not loud at all, but when you get on it, it sounds NICE! Not a Flowmaster sound at all, but an exotic deep sound. LOL Rich, I will prolly be pickin up a nice CTS possibly and work with that. No rice for me.
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    looking to buy a mark VIII

    Come out to Chicago and buy mine. :)
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    1995 Lincoln Mark VIII For Sale! *HOT BUY*

    I appreciate the kind comments guys. I know I should keep it, but the time has come. ;( More pics will be added soon. If anyone had any questions, feel free to call or send me a PM. Thanks for your time.
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    pics of a work still in progress

    That looks fcukin' awesome. Nice work.
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    1995 Lincoln Mark VIII For Sale! *HOT BUY*

    Well the time that I never thought would come... has arrived. In the next month I will be selling my pride and joy Mark. Looking to get my hands on a LS or X-type to keep me out of trouble from this beast Mark VIII. LOL. The car is in Excellent condition and runs great. It has 112,xxx Miles...
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    Cowl hood

    Sharp... Looks just like Geno's. Nice work.
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    the police love my ls.....

    I could take pics of my ride in front of the police station as well..... haha. jk. Cool :q:q:q:q.
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    new pics :)

    Those rims look perfect... Octastars are the :q:q:q:q. Very nice ride. I am contemplating painting my '95 in that color. I like it.
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    Help me redo my exhaust

    Sounds good.... I'm replacing mine with that setup and some 4" Magnaflow SS long tips out the rear. I am currently running a 2.5" exhaust with a single X pipe and Magnaflow SS mufflers. It's got a deep sound, but not enough. I think I want more attention now or something. If I do the Kooks...
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    The New Mark?

    HarsH! Haha. Feel some tension there, I honestly am considering selling mine or just re-doing the whole car. It needs work, definently doesn't put a smile on my face. Paint, wheels and tires, some engine/exhaust change and I'll be happy.
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    Help I am Going through LVC Withdrawls

    No wonder why it's been so peaceful.... I knew something was up when I seen nothing but Mark VIII and LS threads, barely any "Anything Goes" threads! WoW! haha. just playing man.
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    whent up against a mitsibishi eclipse

    I dont think Monte Carlos and 350z's should be put in MUSCLE category... 350z's are pretty quick tho. I never raced one yet, but can't wait to. I love playing with those Impala SS's tho... Give up a good race at times...