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    Things that make you go hmmm... See my signature for more... Good Luck! BMN Tommy...get your ass moving on that supercharger will ya...just by Mike's Vortech for christ sake!!
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    Mm & Ff July 2006

    Hmmm...I noticed the smilies here do not have the :q:q:q:q you I would give you double...:D . If I were to take the BMNLSC, it would only make you regret not buying Mike's Vortech my time slip would look better than your time slip. And the reason why the...
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    Few questions about Mark VII's

    If you have any doubts after Tommy gives you a ride in his LSC...let me give you a ride in the BMNLSC....;) BMN
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    Car show ready

    You "no show at Carlisle" wimp!!:waving:
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    Scott, The vibration is caused due to the pinion angle on the the rear control arms. I purchased one of the last sets from SVPU, which were actually made by Kenny Brown. I actually purchased the whole suspension control arms from SVPU..what a world of difference. I am not sure what you...
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    Mark VII 5-speed conversion

    Damn...I cant let Tommy steal the show.... :N everything Tommy said is true about the setup...the pedals are the hardest part of the install. :iconcur: I would put gears in lower than 3.55's. I personnally would go 3.73's. If not, you will be shifting a slug...
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    The best bang for the buck is gears. Put in at a minimum 3.55 gears. I personally would go with 3.73 gears, then go from there. You are not mentioning a budget, so try this route: 1) gears - 3.55 or 3.73 2) exhaust - 2.5inch, with better mufflers 3) Stall Converter 4) Cobra Intake...
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    Performance chips

    wrong tooo... From 1986 the LSC's received the 5.0HO. However, the difference were the heads..the breakdown is as follows: 1986 - 1987 = the 5.0HO was rated at 200hp. 1987.5 - 1992 = the 5.0HO was rated at 225hp. I agree with ILL VII, in that the suspension was different too...
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    Mark VII Special Edition (special?)

    This thread is useless without them if you got them... BMN
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    Mark VII Special Edition (special?)

    I have to disagree with the second bullet JD. The 16x8 BBS rims, only came with a special order for the GTC, which current documents shows they were made from 1986 - 1988. I happen to have these rims and an actual flyer regarding the options of the GTC. I have never heard of the true BBS...
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    Sifrino: Engine, Heads, Etc. . .

    LOL....that is not a good way to make friends...misspelling the name. It is "BMNLSC". I wrote you back via email. BMN
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    Manual conversion on Mark VII

    Here are more pics...and NYCLSC is correct in his replies... Get to working on your conversion...the fun factor brings the LSC up to a 8 at least. However, make damn sure you upgrade the gears least 3.73's. To make your LSC have a fun factor of 10, add a supercharger...
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    Just curious....

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    Mark VII Owners In Or Near Queens, NY

    Hey John, I live near Queens and LSCNY (FVC) actually lives in Queens. Give us the specifics and we should be able to help you out. EMAIL : Bill
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    Mark VII Gauge Pod!

    How do you want to be paid?
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    Thoughts on best sounding duals?

    My first aftermarket system consisted of : Removing the cats, keeping the pre-cats, H-pipe to Flowmasters (40 series)..all in 2.5 inch piping ending in 3 inch tips. OUTCOME = Mildly LOUD ..outside and inside..good sound though...just like the Mustang. My second aftermarket system...
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    Sifrino's Xhaust

    Thanks for the props I have to post pics and be a post whore...I keep hearing this loud whistling noise and it wont go away..make it go away!!
  18. 1986 Lincoln LSC

    1986 Lincoln LSC

    I'll let the pictures speak for the BMNLSC. See the complete story at BMN
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    No love for the VII's?

    How else are you suppose to get famous? I am not a slut, I am a call girl. :N
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    Hi from Long Island, NY!

    saying hello and question Newby chiming in as well. New Hyde Park, but Babylon is my hangout. By the way, how does one create a signature in this forum? I went to the USER CP and no link. Bill