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    Trunk Pulldown

    hey guys, here's the problem... the pulldown goes up when the truck is open, but never comes back down when closed. SO let me know what you got. :feedback
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    A/c Problems

    thanks thanks for the help guys
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    If you guys need a starter for and Eldo, holla at me. i bought on for me car, but it turned out to be a battery problem. so its still new, never installed. :feedback:
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    Custom CTS

    Big things, huh!!
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    Eldorado ReD

    it's red , just the angle and sun glare
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    Eldorado ReD

    i wish iu knew. do you
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    A/c Problems

    Hey guys i'm having some ac problems. cant get the freon to go in. its like the car wont take it. any advice
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    Switching from Lincoln to Cadillac

    lincoln My buddy had a stinkin lincoln, and tried to get me to make the switch. probably not
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    Cts V Series I Was Wondering To Myself What U Guys Thought About It. Its Number 1 On My Buy List. But What About The Concept Cars, Like The Sixteen
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    What's Your Plate

    plate I'm gonna get mine this summer and its going to say " GO A RND " how about that
  11. 96 cadillac Eldorado

    96 cadillac Eldorado

    This is Baby, My Wife, dauther, My everything
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    96 From JAPAN

    nice its, any more upgrades in to come
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    no eldorado's?

    looks good. its given me ideas for my own
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    Eldorado ReD

    Its even nice in person
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    Custom Cadillac FOR SALE

    My Caddy Well I was thinking about selling my car also. let me know what you guys think about it and how much you think it should sell for
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    How do you get a picture to show up in your signature??

    actually it should be <img src=" pic">
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    Eldorado ReD

    :C How You like Me Now !!!! :steering :C