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    Sup y'all!

    My profile says Aug 2010. So, my first Mark- a 95 was purchased at that time. Did I have fun making that car right. learned a lot and everyone here should be paid as I saved mucho dinero. Now, I'm on my 3rd. Or 4th. A '98 LSC slicktop that has been bullet proof. Watch out - now I've jinxed it...
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    I have sourced 8 different coils from a fellow sufferer who claims the car he got them from is operating on all eight at all times. So next will be to install said replacements along with new spark plugs and a new fuel filter. The plugs and filter are less than 15k miles old but in for a penny...
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    I agree that I should have never left home w/o all my required tools. Sometimes I am lulled to sleep by an extended period of smooth running. Today I am driving (slowly) into the local town who assures me they can test for me. I had no idea a cylinder balance test was possible through the car...
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    I cannot thank you guys enough for the input. Going under the car now. Thanks again
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    My beautiful and faithful highway star has decided I'm not worthy. I'm stuck in the foothills of Alberta with very limited access to anything and cannot get any web response save our old friend LVC. To wit; 1998 LSC w 157k miles with all maintenance up to date. I cannot get to a scanner but the...
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    Trouble changing electric column

    The real problem was the lubricant I used on the operator. I'm not a clear thinker after a dew toddies.
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    Gen II steering column snafu

    I gave up too soon. All went well after a few hints from someone who has already done one. Just remember that both ends of the steering shaft will slowly extend until they fit.
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    Trouble changing electric column

    I found out the column will slide out to meet the connector. I also had to pull out the lower part to meet the rack. It all came together and now I have a tight column.
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    Trouble changing electric column

    My changing electric column both 98's is three inches short. What have I missed?
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    Customer reviews, Arnott or Strutmasters

    You know, after all these years of finger-f#*+ing around, we should have come up with a method of replacing this weakness, even if it involves an outside mount. Here we are 20 years since the NEWEST one is built and we cannot overcome this problem. There is room in the wheelwell, so lets take...
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    What would you do? Parts value

    JBL amp if it is so equipped. And works :)
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    Gen II steering column snafu

    My column became so loose it was dangerous. I found a low mile one that was tight and even had the right color. Here's where the problem starts. On my car there is a standard bolt that tightens the u-joint around the rod from the steering gear. On the replacement, it had a 1/4 inch star nut that...
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    Mirror LED's on driver side not working

    Don't hold it against me that I'm originally from Red Neck Alberta! The Beemer owner doesn't know any better.
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    1995 Indigo Lights/Black LSC Progress

    Chris, your "fleet" is incomparable. The addition of a stick shifted Coyote blows my admittedly weak brain. Keep us posted. I live my Mark dream alter-ego through you.
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    98 M8 50k miles for sales - looks beautiful

    Very nice car, but wildly overpriced even with the discount for American dollars.
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    Damn good improvising. If it is working, why go to metal?
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    Mirror LED's on driver side not working

    Where in Canada? I'm a dual myself, having attended elementary school in Alberta and secondary in the US. These cars are fun, aren't they?
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    Mark VIII converted into a RAT ROD HOT ROD Lincoln

    Joey, I know I'm not here or on the Ranger sites much anymore, but I want to thank you for all your efforts to keep us going on these cars and info. I don't know where you get the time to do all you do and create a hybrid 50/95 shoey like you did. Were I closer, I might take a flyer on that neat...
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    Merry Christmas

    I have had the good fortune to be the beneficiary of this site and all the contained wisdom and advice. My car is a great ride that keeps its status of daily driver in no small part to the tips and diagrams from LVC. I wish you all happy holidays and a great New Year, and thank you all again for...
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    Get bent

    As I have said before - you are a damn ingenious bunch of gearheads. Very nice work.