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    86 town car won't start

    A coworker of mine has an 86 Town Car that won't start. No fire at the end of the coil wire. New coil and modgual. Any suggestions?
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    Cars you have owned "Good Idea from Hottweelz"

    Look at numbers of some of the rides that some have owned! Other than a two year peroid, between 16 to 18 when I drove my parents' cars, I have always owned a car ever since I was 12. Even so, my numbers are a lot more limited than most people my age. Codewise: Why did you ditch the...
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    The Inaugural LvC NE Chapter Edison Meet 3/12/05

    I didn't see anything that could have been taken out of context, and I agree with you. Of course, I enjoyed meeting EVERYONE who attened, and I enjoyed finally getting to mee SOME of the members. SOME of you missed on one heck of a breakfast, and only a priviliged few were able to see my...
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    What abouta caravan for sat's meet?

    Okay guys, I'm pumped up and ready to go. I'm located south of Baltimore, MD at the intersection of I95 and the south side of I695. Lets see if we can get some sort of carrivan going. I'm flexible as to when I can leave, so people can join me, or I can join people points north of me. If it's...
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    NE Chapter Edison, NJ Meet 3/12/05 Final count

    I have had this one on the calander since it was first set in stone. I'll be there even if it's cold.
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    Gauging Interest

    YUP. My sllip is on the far dock, with the marsh area behing it. OC, Md is on MD's Atlantic coast, just south of the Delaware state line. If you plug "Ocean City, Maryland" into a mapping program, it should come up.
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    speed limiter

    Mine says "H" too. Someone forgot to tell the car beause I was busting 143 on the clock, and the car was screaming for more. The problem was that the driver's speed limiter pussed out. Yea! ima whimp! Maybe if I had thought to close the sunroof and roll up the windows, it may not have been...
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    Gauging Interest

    I've been doing the OC Endless Summer Cruise by default for the last 5 years. Of course, I'm going to be there. I fork out a wheelbarrow full of money to keep my boat at OC (the boat acts as my waterfront mini condo) so I already have a summer home there. In other words, I will be there...
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    Ok who is going to come to this

    Maybe! July 9 is a fishing date in OC, MD. Well every Saturday between May and October is planned to be a fishing day. Maybe we can get some LVC club members offshore fishing on the 9th and go to the meet on the 10th.
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    Ok who is going to come

    Oh yeah! Hey one way and others, are we gonna carrivan? I live in Linthicum. It's just south of Baltimore--the south side of I695 and I95. One way will enter on I95, 20 or so miles north of me on I95. If we're going to carrivan, let's stat getting coordinated now.
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    Ok who is going to come

    On the 16th, I didn't get home from work until 11:15. It's good because I can use the extra hours. It's bad because it sux as far as cutting into my home time. I have already told work to count me out on the 12th--NO EXCEPTIONS! They have more than ample warning, so there isn't any excuse...
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    The "Possible July Event" Thread

    Oh MAN! Any weekend between the first of October through the last week of May is more than doable. But I no can do between the first of June and the end of September because I have already spent that time. If someone wants to try to pull off something at Ocean City, MD, it would be doable...
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    NE Chapter Stress Reliever

    Car lifts make me jealous. The only thing that makes me more jealous is downdraft paint booths.
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    Official North East Chapter Schedule / Services Thread

    The reason why I haven't been around for a while is that, first, my mother had a stoke, the day after Christmas, and that has been taking up lots of my time. Second, I have taken a new job, and I was in Florida for a few weeks at a company training program. I got back on the 6th and had...
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    Post Pics

    Let me squeze one in
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    Weekly Reminder: LvC NE Chapter Mid Region Meet set...

    Hey Eric! I have a guy sniffin' 'round the board/club. He seems rabid about Cadillacs and attending a meet, so we'll see what happens.
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    Weekly Reminder: LvC NE Chapter Mid Region Meet set...

    Would you mind if I invited some Caddy guys from another board? There are at least 2 or 3 guys who seem rabid at attending a car meet, and it might help build some club members.
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    1st LvC NE Chapter Regional / Area Meet

    Yo Folks! I apologise for fouling up the the spacing. I didn't know that the cloneing would f/u word wrap. Won't do it again
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    1st LvC NE Chapter Regional / Area Meet

    Hell yeah, a caravan: space it like this...
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    1st LvC NE Chapter Regional / Area Meet

    Unless some bullcrap thing comes up at work, you can count me in I understand the wish to carpool. (I don't know one way's address, but I know that I live 42 to 47 minutes from his doorstep.) If this is a car meet, isn't the vehicle part of the meet? If you have 20 people, and the group...