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    '78 Deville not starting in the morning

    QuadraJet carburetors leak from the main well plugs on the bottom and after an overnight sit the float bowl is empty and it takes about 30 seconds to get enough fuel in the carb to start the engine. Plenty of documentation on this and various repair methods online. Woah, I guess this is a slow...
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    Cranks, No Start, PATS code 16

    Car runs again, finally. Unfortunately it's not quite fixed though. I installed the Cardone reman unit once the weather turned for the better and the dealer did a parameter reset. After new keys of course. That got the car running but now it has a misfire on cylinder 3 and I'll bet that reman...
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    Cranks, No Start, PATS code 16

    Sorry it took so long to get back with an update but life happened and all that. Anyway, some further diagnostics found that there was no PCM communication with a scan tool while at the same time there was sensor reference voltage of 4.89 volts indicating the PCM was getting power and signal...
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    Cranks, No Start, PATS code 16

    Thought I'd double check what I've done so far against the collective wisdom of the board before I plan on sending the car to the dealer. 2000 V6 Automatic Cranks at good speed but does not fire. Had driven the car for about an hour earlier in the day with no issues. Rapid flashing from PATS...