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  1. 1LoudLS

    Another LS Swap

    Hot d@mn. Love a good LS swap, and a much bigger fan of a 6.whoaah over a 5.7 or 5.3... Tip of the hat good sir. Tip of the hat.
  2. 1LoudLS

    Extra hp?

    Sometime you can get lucky like I did and drive it right until one of the pipes blows apart spraying all of your coolant out in a second or two leaving you stranded on the side of the road. My honest recommendation is to buy all of the parts once you know you have a problem, then find a whole...
  3. 1LoudLS

    Look Who's Driving

    People have been doing this for years by misusing Tesla's Autopilot...
  4. 1LoudLS

    Air Conditioning...?

    Honestly, I've forgotten my LS even has climate control... years ago I set it to 74* on auto and turned the seats to sync with the climate control and have never touched it since. even when the cars AC quit working, I left it set to the same so the seats come on and give me some cooling.
  5. 1LoudLS

    Newer Vehicles ARE Monitoring Your EVERY Move

    They are already actively working on eroding our most important rights. The attack on the 2nd has been going on for decades, now there are groups openly trying to chip away at the 1st. I find it moderately interesting that a lot of people made such a huge deal about Russia's "interfering" with...
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    Poorly Implemented Safety Features in Today's Smarter Vehicles

    Ford though of this, my Focus will shut itself off if it idles for more than 15 minutes. if your sitting in the car, a warning comes on the message center and allows you to cancel it (reset the timer) Fun Fact: With an F150, you can just put one of those LED Ford emblems that light up with...
  7. 1LoudLS

    Splash shield under engine

    there is always the options of stop pulling up so far forward, its not really that large of a vehicle.
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    Keyless entry code

    A whole bunch of people have looked at the DDM module and tried every possible set of numbers on there. Again, the LS does no have the code written on the body anywhere like my old Mark and Continental had on a sticker on the trunk hinge. The only guy that said his code was written on the DDM...
  9. 1LoudLS

    Unbelievable MPG in this 2006 LS

    Honestly, a lot of hybrids actually get better millage in the city where regenerative braking and the main electric assists from take off really makes a huge difference. once up to highway speeds, they are pretty much just running as an ICE car at that point.
  10. 1LoudLS

    can clogged cat cause backfire through the intake?

    When my cats completely clogged up, it just choked out the engine after a few seconds. it never backfired. if your just getting a backfire through the intake, I'd say the above comment is the most likely cause of your problem. if it also chokes out when the 02 sensors are in, then my money is...
  11. 1LoudLS

    gd roof again

    I had one side keep pulling loose so I used some shrink wrap to fix it for good. one piece over the drip pans nipple and then inserted it into the inside of the hose. then I shaved down the outside of the end of the hose to get rid of the ridges it has to keep it from getting cut when running...
  12. 1LoudLS

    It's not goodbye!

    Sorry Joe, I totally just read over that too fast and misunderstood. re-reading it today and its clear as day what you meant by it. More of a statement of fact, While we all love them, their value plummets extremely sharply. when I bought my 2nd one, it was only 4 years with about 66k miles on...
  13. 1LoudLS

    It's not goodbye!

    Yikes, I didn't expect that at first. Was it because there was serious damage that couldn't bee seen or just because the value of the car is worth about as much as a $11 taco box?
  14. 1LoudLS

    It's not goodbye!

    hot damn that looks good, yeah EVs are a whole new level of fast!
  15. 1LoudLS

    It's not goodbye!

    Please tell me that the Tesla has a P, D and an underline on the back of it!!!
  16. 1LoudLS

    Carbon fiber wrapping my interior

    The same has been said many times of the LS. And honestly Ford not changing how or who they tried to sell it to is the main reason it didn't sell well enough to keep it going.
  17. 1LoudLS

    Waterless Coolant

    yes, for it to work, you do need to do a flush to get all of the old water out of the system, sometimes requiring more than one flush to make sure the water content is below their recommendation (I think I remember <5% the last time this was brought up.)
  18. 1LoudLS

    Carbon fiber wrapping my interior

    And silver or wood colored plastic does? Personally, I think the Carbon package with exposed weave splitter, hood vents, defuser and spoiler look perfectly at home on this luxury car.(not to mention some of the interior trim as well)
  19. 1LoudLS


    Damn Joe, Thats sad to see a well maintained LS damaged like that. Glad you're OK. I really wish people would pay just a little more attention to what going on in front of the two ton missile they are operating.
  20. 1LoudLS

    Carbon fiber wrapping my interior

    should look pretty good. Ive used both a 3D matte vinyl on my tool box and a high gloss 4D vinyl on some of my interior parts of one of my other cars and they are almost indistinguishable from the real CF shift knob I have.