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    M112 on a Mark VIII

    If you're going to go through all of the trouble and spend the money, you may as well go Vortech centrifugal. It seems to me to be the most user friendly power adder on a Mark.
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    Enough Playing Around - Superchargering

    This is kind of unrelated, but some good food for thought - 1996 was the first year that Lincoln began the Intech nomenclature for the four cam modular, which is still a Gen one car, with the throttle body up at the back, plug wires and coil packs, and all that other fun Gen one jazz. Where your...
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    !HELP! Diagnosing problems

    As far as the brakes go, for sure it is rotors. Mark VIIIs are large, heavy cars with comparatively small brakes, so they have a pretty hard job. Its wise to do anyway if they haven't been done in a while as preventative maintenance. The power window motors are pretty robust, and I've seen few...
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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Did a wash and detail yesterday, and decided to finally replace my crying idler/tensioner pulleys. As it turned out, the tensioner was the culprit, it was a Ford original, and the bearing had spun. But I changed them both, because you know. Also! I got my oil pan in the mail today from...
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    Replacing the rear shocks

    Not necessarily, no. I have a pretty decent squeak going on in the front brakes because the drivers side pad anti-rattle spring is out. There were some extenuating circumstances which led to my removing it due to noise (warped front rotors), but that may be something to look at if you haven't...
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    For Sale WTB: Mark VIII Oil Pan

    Good call, he most assuredly had some, and I snatched one up. Good prices too, for being rust free and coming with a pump and pickup tube and all. Thanks!
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    For Sale WTB: Mark VIII Oil Pan

    Hey all, I'm willing to pay fair money for whatever surviving Mark VIII oil pan may be left on the market. Mine is pretty lousy, and I'm already kind of dreading dropping the k-member to do this, but finding one would be half the battle. If you've got one you'd like to get rid of, or know a...
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    Some pics of my '1993

    That is a very pretty Mark, the paint is very different and interesting, I like it. It's nice to see someone still so far away from where the car was built be dedicated so much to keep driving it, you must really love it. I wonder though, you must have a pretty hard time finding parts sometimes...
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    Lowering 0-60 time on Mark VIII

    As stated above, yes, the Mark is certainly more of a Grand Touring car than anything. With that being said, a decent amount of time and an equal amount of money can turn any well maintained Mark into a formidable machine. Here a few things for you to bear in mind however, and please remember...
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    One of those suspension questions

    Well thanks all who have posted. I do really appreciate it! I have an update on the car, and I knew it was going to bother me until I could actually do something about it. So today I decided to pull the car out for a bit and take it for a jog. The car pumped up the nose from slammed in one go...
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    One of those suspension questions

    Soo... My '96 Mark is currently nose down on the pavement in storage. Both sides equally, pretty much as flat as those front shocks will go. The car has been hibernating for about four months now, no ignition, no movement. I'm kind of scared to hit the key now, since this has never happened in...
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    Really, this is Mark VIII related.

    So as of yesterday, my '96 is going into semi-retirement. When in comes out of storage in late April, it will have the benefit of sharing mileage with a recently acquired Ford cousin. Since having started my new gig at the aluminum fabrication plant earlier this year, the money has mercifully...
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    SUSPENSION- need help/advice!

    Another vote for restoring the air ride. It's really not that hard to work on, and as long as the air springs used are in decent shape, the chances of it failing are pretty low. My '96 was on the factory rear bags up until just a couple of years ago. Now, I'm not sure if all Strutmaster...
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    A Sad Day.

    Okay! So the car was not a total loss. It had sustained about $2600 worth of damage, but that is still quite a bit less than the value of the car, so they opted to repair the damage. The car is getting PDR, and I've already sourced a few shattered parts, so she's coming back around again. The...
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    posting my deal I just got and fit question same time!!!

    This is correct, plenty of wheel manufacturers use a different ID for hub width. I had to use a micrometer to spec my wheels out, and then find a set of rings that would fit them to my hubs by measurement. I think they were 63.4mm to 72.5mm or some such like that. It's a pretty simple business...
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    I would also vote for a bad TPS, and I'd probably have a look at some vacuum lines as well. Provided the CEL is functioning as it should, it's very doubtful its IMRC, as '96 cars throw a CEL for a bad IMRC.
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    A Sad Day.

    So yesterday. Here I am at my folks house getting ready to change a ball joint (my father had the press), and a supercell thunderstorm comes rolling out of nowhere, and near baseball sized hail starts dropping out of the sky, and all over my car. There was no warning, and nothing to be done, I...
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    Ugh, ball joint.

    Yeah, others have told me this, but of course, only after I had purchased the ball joint seperate. So it goes, I guess, live and learn. So I'm going to end up pressing the old one out of my existing LCA. The bushings are good right now, but I'm sure a time will come in the near future where I...
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    Ugh, ball joint.

    So state inspection time rolled around for me again, and it appears as though the lower ball joint on the passenger side has got some play in it. I can't quite hear it just yet, but I understand the danger of operating this design with a loose ball joint. So that's not going to happen. I've got...
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    New kicks!

    Thanks guys! I appreciate it very much so. I'm already noticing that they are easier to keep clean than the ten spokes, by far. But of course now, I'm noticing my calipers more, and the paint flaking off, and my lousy front discs with rust around the hub, and those need to go. But in all, I...