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    Pictures of 04s w/ Kits?

    nice mufflers..whats the difference in sound your getting, where did you get the mufflers, and what was the cost?
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    you need the thx system
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    04s have bluetooth? i need to get that option... you should be able to get that installed... just because it was a dealer installed option in 04 doesnt mean its only for 04 vehicles. go for it.
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    Doing a few mods this coming up week....

    yea there arent really any appearance mods for the 2003-04 lincoln least not yet
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    What is Different from the LSE and v8 ult.

    alright guys thanks it was something that has been bugging me lately heh..
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    What is Different from the LSE and v8 ult.

    What is the difference from the LSE and the V8 ultimate. The V8 ultimate has more features but the LSE looks better. My father and i have decided to get a LSE kit from the dealership but can anyone tell me the major differences? Thanks p.s or is it that the LSE is simply just an appearance...
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    2004 LSE Grill

    yea that is a navigator and aviator option now. as for the lse can get it from the lincoln dealership as well as rest of the whole LSE kit.