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    2003 Lincoln LS V8 Premium Sport 48k miles

    Priced lowered to $16k! dc
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    2003 Lincoln LS V8 Premium Sport 48k miles

    2003 Lincoln LS V8 Sport Black with Grey interior, 48,300 miles still under factory warranty till 50k miles. All service records, one adult owner, no accidents, no kids. Completely loaded with options: Power Everything!! Heated and Air Conditioned Seats 5 Speed Automatic with Manual...
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    New in box '00-'04 Rear Powerslot Rotors (2)

    After two weeks of fighting with the stealership and ford i finally got them to replace my rear rotors under warranty. But in the meantime i bought some Powerslot, slotted rotors that i dont need now. They are brand new in the box never been used. I would like to get $180 shipped for these...
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    Turning 03 Factory Nav. into tv/dvd player

    I bought the unit and plug and play harness from this company, it was great no cutting of wires. Unit cost me $120, then $100 for the harness, and then bought a dvd ME3 for $100, now i can watch dvd on my nav screen in my nissan titan all for a little over $300. dc
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    03 LS V8 Transmission

    I had the same problem on my 03 at about 17k miles, at first when i reported the problem they had no idea. So i drove it hard for a about a day and tripped a error light. Took it back in and they replaced the valve body, its been fine ever since then. Downshifting when climbing hills is still...
  6. 2003 Lincoln LS V8 Sport

    2003 Lincoln LS V8 Sport

    Mods so far: Magnaflow mufflers with 4" tips 3 Piece Wings West Spoiler Red painted calipers Mclaren grille painted black Eibach Lowering Springs
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    Recall on the 2004 LS Transmission.. Anyone else curious?

    Got a call from the dealer today, they said they were told by Ford to replace the entire valve body, not just a solenoid or anything but replace it completely with a new one. Cool.......i hope.... dc
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    Recall on the 2004 LS Transmission.. Anyone else curious?

    I've have the both problems with my '03, the wife thinks i do it on purpose right when shes taking a drink. After 20k miles later i told the dealer about, he said they would take a look at it at the next service maintenance. 3 days after i got it back bam, "check tranny" light came on. They...
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    wax buffing

    I plan on using zaino on mine for the first time this weekend, so i will post some pics after this weekend. Lets all post pics and see which one has the most shine/bling after a wax job........... dc
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    "POP" front suspesion

    With the bolt coming loose did it bore out the hole bigger by chance? I remember those bolts fit pretty snug in there.... dc
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    wax buffing

    Best stuff i've ever used. You get a glass like deep mirror reflection, and the wax will last through alot of rain storms wont wash off easily like most. Give it a try, if you dont like it i'll buy the left over product off you. dc
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    Wind/Rain Deflectors on Ebay

    Here is a link to some wind/rain deflectors for the LS on ebay: here you go dc
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    Exterior Window Rain/Wind Deflectors for LS needed

    Are these like OEM or not? dc
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    Eyebrow help?

    I do own a 2003 as well, i did a trial fitment before i had them painted they seemed to fit well. Here's a pic:
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    Eyebrow help?

    Check ebay for the hard paintable plastic ones. I bought a set a while back off of ebay and had them painted, havent installed them yet but they look great painted. I can post pics if anyone wants me too. I also have a roll of the black vinyl if anyone wants to cut their own, after screwing...
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    2 Passenger Side 02 LS & older headlights for sale

    I have two passenger side headlights for a '02 Lincoln LS or older for sale. I am asking $25 each plus shipping. They include the bulbs and are in excellent shape. Email me at for pics. thanks
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    Installing Springs

    On my '03 sport tuned suspension i had to use a spring compressor, there is no way i would have done it without one. Well maybe if i had like 2 other people to push done on the spring for me. I didnt have to use a spring compressor to get them off the car just to remove the old spring and...
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    Bodykit Installation? Pricey?

    The kit the kid on pimp my ride tried installing was also fiberglass, and fiberglass kits suck big time on the fitting. Unless its a high priced kit from a good shop, fiberglass will cost you more to get installed and to fit properly. I believe most of the kits for the LS are polyurethane so...
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    Lincoln LS-R at SEMA - Photos

    Heck, when was this released! Anyone have any pics of this '03 and up CAI installed? dc
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    lowering spring question

    Hmmm, cool maybe someone wants to buy my "sport" springs.... :woowoo2: dc