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    Sold Gen2 Mark Viii complete or parts

    Ok, tired of looking at it. 90k miles. is a 97 or 98, i forget. When i got it, it did not run. Fuel pump had failed. the tank is out. exhaust is off, all 3 cats are there. Nothing was cut when removing the tank. Tires and wheels are gone. this week only, $1200 for whole thing. Or come get what...
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    31 spline inners

    Are the 31 spl inners necessary since the outer is where they always break?
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    97 mk viii fuel tank

    What's holding the fuel tank besides the 2 tank straps? They are off, the trans jack has about a 2" gap under the tank, but that dam thing will not move. It's like it is glued to the floor or there is more than the 2 straps holding it in. It is solid enough i would not be afraid to drive it...
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    For Sale 98 MK viii parts

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    31 spline