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    For Sale Prairie Tan Cupholder for sale

    I sold my 98 LSC a while back and had this left as a spare.It works perfectly and is in great shape.I am asking $65 shipped.
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    97-98 Cupholder $45 shipped

    Works perfectly.Its prairie tan.
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    Gen 2 steering column with prairie tan steering wheel

    I bought these from another member here a while back and the columns appears to be in good working order.The steering wheel is very nice and it comes with the turn signal stalk with the chrome wiper squirter button intact.I am asking $120 + shipping.
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    Stainless Steel Rear Shock Mounting Kit 2.0

    These are the ones that DLF made and sold earlier this year.I paid $65 shipped.Asking $50 shipped.They are in perfect condition and were never used.
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    Brand New Blend Door and Wood stereo surround for Gen 2

    Blend door is brand new in ford box.$35 shipped.The wood stereo surround is in good shape except for a couple of very small chips.$40 shipped.
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    Tan LSC Floormats and Tan cup holder for GEN 2

    The floor mats barely looked used.They are $60 shipped.The cup holder works perfectly.Its $50 shipped.
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    3rd gen SHO seats

    I just found some 96-99 SHO seats in the JY in good shape for $50.I have read on here that the 92-95 SHO seats will.Does anyone know for sure if these will fit?The only other problem is that the color doesnt match the marks prairie tan leather but i am willing to put up with that for now as i...
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    Oil Pan Drain Plug leak

    I have had a drip coming from the oil pan drain plug leak for quite a while.I have tried many different little o rings on it but it never stops it completely.Do the drain plugs get where they arent effective anymore?Maybe from overtightening?
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    Got stranded today,any ideas??

    I took the mark to atlanta this weekend.It got 24 MPG over the 700 mile round trip.Now that i am back home i took it to the mall today.When i got ready to leave i noticed it was running funny (like not on all cylinders).I revved it a couple of times and noticed it would smooth out over 3000 RPMs...
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    Anyone thats in Ms or Al,i need help with a blend door and will pay

    I have a new blend door but after looking at the steps i am pretty sure i cant do this nor can i afford for a shop to.I am looking for someone who has done this and i can bring my car to over the weekend for help.I will pay cash.Its going to get cold soon!!
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    Just installed front air struts and compressor wont kick on

    I just spent all morning installing a set of front air struts i got from a member.Once i put them on the compressor ran for a while but the front is still pretty low and now i dont hear it venting or kicking on anymore.The struts seem to be in good shape so i am not sure what is going on.Please...
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    WTB:Front passenger air shock for my 98

    I need and AIR STRUT thats isnt leaking.Let me know what you have and how much.
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    Quick question about a 97 i found

    I just came across a blue base 97 thats REALLY cheap.Its 4 hours away but the air ride is out and its in its lowest positon.I was wondering if you guys thought it would be a bad idea to drive it 275-300 miles like that to get it home?
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    Just replaced cupholder/ashtray and now the car wont start

    After replacing these the car will make an intermittent starting noise but will not start.I plugged everything that got unplugged back and have retraced my steps twice and see nothing wrong.Has anyone had this happen before?Dammit it was supposed to be a simple cupholder replacement!! EDIT I am...
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    Where did i go wrong?

    Yesterday i finally bit the bullet and decided to replace my rear shocks instead of letting my mechanic do it.I used gabriel 69845 T bird shocks.I burnt out the old rubber bushing and put the new one it.I used the disc off of the factory shocks on the top part to tighten down the upper bolt and...
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    WTB-drivers side Toreador Red door handle for 98 LSC

    I need one in good condition.
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    So apparently 613 Mark VIIIs were traded in for CFC

    I found this on another site.Sad to see so many traded in. Copy and
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    2 97-98 neons(base and green LSC) PICS ADDED

    I am selling 2 NEON tailights.One is the chrome base in good condition.It does have black specks on the inside and the ballast doesnt work $125 shipped.I also have a near perfect green LSC NEON tailight.It has a gold lincoln emblem and has absolutely NO black mold in it and the ballast doesnt...
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    What should i offer for this 97 LSC??Pics inside

    This car isnt in the greatest of shape.It needs:front airbags,blend door,paint job,brake job,headlight housings and 1 HID bulb,neon doesnt work,cd changer doesnt work,etc. The chrome on the wheels doesnt appear to be flaking and the interior is in good shape.ALso this thing runs and shifts...
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    Wanted:Prairie tan drivers seat for 98 LSC

    The leather on my seat is pretty bad and i need a good prairie tan one with the perforated seating surfaces that came on the LSC.If you have one please PM with price.Thanks,chris.