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  1. 02 ls8

    my rebuild number 2

    I'm not sure if anyone here has ever noticed the wrecked LS at Malibu shell on PCH(now across the street at the chevron) but it is mine, and i finally got the front end back together, only took me a year but next up is doing the windshield dash airbags and seat belts and resetting all the crash...
  2. 02 ls8

    looking for dash and airbags!!

    need dash for 2002 LS parchment interior color, also need center piece of steering wheel, need both passenger and driver air bags!!! :confused:
  3. 02 ls8

    trans problems, flush fluid

    ok so i have a 2002 LS v8 with 86k on the trans, and the problems i currently have are that when i drop the car down into first its almost like its in park and the car doesn't move and wont go, it feels like you sitting there with your foot on the gas and brake, if you sit and wait with it in...
  4. 02 ls8

    still rebuilding mine but in the mean time

    check out this photo i took a while back, more pic on my flickr,
  5. 02 ls8

    pegg at 120

    last night i was being a hot head and decided i needed to lay the beat down on a accord, we did a 25 roll, i have a 02 ls v8 and for what ever reason it pegged at 120....i thought the limiter was alot higher than that? i still won XD
  6. 02 ls8

    since everyone else is doing it

    pics of my LS (pre spinng bearing) front plate =( (screw you fat bike cop!!!!!) let me know what you think :cool:
  7. 02 ls8

    sprint or eibach

    im looking for performance and stance here not just a drop, and yea i knows shocks will also help stiff'en the ride
  8. 02 ls8

    LSD question reguarding traction control

    now mind you the only time ive ever done a done a diff before was putting a welded one in my 240, but i would like to do it in my 02 ls8, the only thing im concerned about is if traction control will mess something up with a LSD vs the stock open? if so what can i do to prevent this?
  9. 02 ls8

    RIP my 02

    so i was on the freeway cruise control at just under 2krpm and im in the far left lane when i start to hear the evil noise that cost my car its life, it was the dreadful babies rattle knocking. i then frantically turned off cruise control and started to get over because i knew what was going to...
  10. 02 ls8

    2 problems

    sometimes when i am driving my 2002 ls v8 there will be a beep the same exact sound when theres some sort of error or you turn off traction control. i will look at the display and nothing will have changed it will stll say my fuel mileage. has anyone herd of this happening? my next problem is...
  11. 02 ls8

    tire sizing

    could stock 17" chrome wheels from a 2002 fit a 255? i need two new tires for the back and i have some old 255 laying around and im wondering if they're to big?
  12. 02 ls8

    noob question

    will tsw laguna's 5x114.3 fit on a gen 1?
  13. 02 ls8

    trans swap?

    has anyone done a 5spd swap or a triptronic swap into a gen 1 v8? feedback? thoughts?
  14. 02 ls8

    putting a LSD ina gen 1 v8

    has this been done? could i just weld the orignal diff?.......haha i know what some people are thinking, no im not building a drift car im just tired of only one wheel spinning when it breaks loose it makes me understeer and i hate understeer with a passion
  15. 02 ls8


    i have a 2002 ls v8 with close to 83k miles, recently for whatever reason first gear doesnt work, i know its a automatic but if i put it down into first the car seems to lock almost like the feeling when you put it in park. i was think torque converter but was wondering if anyone has had this...
  16. 02 ls8

    how did he do this?

    i hate to steal someone elses pictures but i really want to know how he did this to his wheels there by far the sexyiest lincoln wheels ive ever seen :leghumper
  17. 02 ls8

    Need Help With Bumper

    i currently have a 02 ls with the premium package sport suspension and sport wheels, i needed a new bumper and when i ordered one i thought my car had the sport package so i order the wrong bumper. can someone please help me and explain or show the differences between them and tell me which one...