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    '99 Lincoln Continental Refurbishment

    Your car is looking great! I have a 2002 Continental, and thank you for listing all of the fixes. How do you like the Firestone tires on your car? I am in NE Ohio, let me know if anyone else is around, maybe we can put something together...
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    This is my favorite car! I have owned it for ten years. I am the second owner, and it has been good to me. I would like to share some pictures with you.
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    Alpine system subwoofer amplifier

    I own a 2002 Lincoln Continental. I am trying to obtain the wiring diagram for the factory Alpine subwoofer amplifier. How good(or bad ) is this stereo? I believe this amp was blown up when I bought the car. I have purchased a 1997 Lincoln Continental subwoofer amplifier. The housings...