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    Couple times around the block just for the sound of it...

    Heres a sound clip for a few members that asked. Car is dirty as well as faded. Truck lock cover fell off a few weeks ago. On the plus side its going into a garage next week.
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    Is that a VIII intake on this thing?

    Ford Fairlane Ranch Wagon Drag Race Hot Rod Drag Week - YouTube
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    Which fuel pump?

    I did some searching and found that some have used different brands from rock auto assuming airtex is one and someone metioned the carter unit. Also there is the oem walbro and the 255 walbro that needs a minor mod to install. Looking for input on these or others. Any problems or install...
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    For Sale??

    Good stops in front of my house while I'm standing there and asks "Hey maaaan you want to sell that Lincoln"
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    Haven't been on here lately. How many 8.8 swapped people we got here now???
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    Dodge Challenger...the new GM

    Guy on my pool league who was pretty buzzed comes up to me and starts bashing ford...I was wearing my Ford Jacket. Says GM and SS and blah blah blah...Want's to race so on. What you got I ask....a 08 Challenger. Swear to God. I laughed and he still kept on.
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    PowerTrax No-Slip TractionLock

    Anyone on here ever use one in there vehicle? I like the easy install into existing carrier without touching the ring and pinion.
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    Magna Flow 2in 2out sound clip.

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Haha, gotcha. Seriously thats the same one many use mid car in there VIIIs. It works well and sounds good at the rear of my Cobra II.
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    Harmonic Balancer

    Wondering if anyone has had this issue happen on there older 302. I bought my 84 totalled and frame swapped it to get her back on the road. With 56805 miles on it when I fixed it and just over 60k now its had a consistent few quirks that I want to get solved. One being a slight vibration I...
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    Just for you KK

    Just for you KK.
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    I searched it and couldn't find the answer I need. So my car has been sitting a few weeks as I drive my truck daily lately. And saddly its outside as the VIII has been enjoying the garage. Go to get in it and the door only open partly, can't get it to open the rest of the way from...
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    Photoshop please

    Could someone throw these strips onto my LSE.
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    Sound right? and a Question.

    So I started driving the MarkVIII about two weeks ago. It hadnt been more than moved in and out of the garage since November of 07. Battery was dead and wouldn't come back so new battery and been driving it since. So heres the thing, it was so damn slow at first. I honestly thought maybe...
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    Vote for what car I bring to Boscobel.

    96 MarkVIII 84 Town Car 02 LSE
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    02LSE Fog Light

    Anyone got a drivers side one laying around they don't need.
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    Tundra tried to race me.

    He lost..haha. It was a std cab short box 2 wheel sport truck type. Thing stuck right next to me though. I took off a little quick heard his tires chirp, so I smashed it. I got about a half car length in the short sprint. Thing kinda surprized me. I wish there was more room to see if...
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    The mystery beep caught on video

    This video is from last year but when I took it I noticed I caught the beep and "E" in the video. When I put the video on putfile it got cut off soI never mentioned it. I now see that it plays longer so if you never caught it flashing the "E"....this is what it looks like. Its right at the end...
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    Met Rob at the track today and managed a new best. Also got to be there to see a 11.075 pass by a MarkVIII getting him kicked out, hes a member on here and will likely post the vid.
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    Spanked a SRT4

    This was a good one. Sitting at a light I'm there all alone, this guys comes up. Revving his engine, inching it up off the clutch, totally wanting some. Can hear the exhaust and BOV snappin. I'm thinking I'm gonna get walked but what the heck, I'll give it what I can. Can't even see the light...
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    One of the other cars.

    Pulled this thing out of its hidding spot today. Its been stored in one of my brothers garages for several years. Fresh motor, just need to finish fine tuning the carb. It likes to coil up the axle and trash u-joints if you get on it so I have to change the leaf springs first before anything...