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    What did you do to your LS today?

    Hi Buckie, I see easily broken, hard to find slash shields/inner fenders, a license plate bracket (a hard to find item in PA, since we don't have front plates, everyone takes them off and tosses them), a hard to find front bumper cover from a LSE/'06 (no lights?), an engine cover, and is that a...
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    Went to Harry's of Hazelton Friday ( know, that's not today). They have 3 1/2 (you'll know the 1/2 when you see it) LS's there. I was hoping to score a moonroof, but the one there has the same issue that ours has, it wasn't closed all the way. I guess that is an issue with the...
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    New Lincoln LS owner

    Welcome Samuel
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    Hello Everyone. Transmission Questions

    Welcome Halverson! Another inherited LS! Ours came from our late son, my half brothers (who is not on this site) was inherited from his stepfather. Like yours, they are 2000's, unlike yours, both are manuals. Before topping off the fan or steering fluid, think about sucking as much fluid as...
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    2005 Lincoln Ls Ultimate aftermarket radio turns on but no sound

    Mine is a '00 and I realize that '03's are different and I don't mean to insult anyone's intelligence here, but just in case it hasn't been discovered yet, have you tried the volume control on the back of the steering wheel (it looks like you know about it, but just in case)? I cursed ours for 5...
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    I Hate Raccoons !!!

    Hi Sport, I found a front splash shield (the big one) on a '04 V8 at Harry's of Hazelton Friday. They are hard to find intact, seems almost all LS's have hit a coon or gator (or cat or dog), they ALL have hit a curb or parking block and that shield always suffers. If you need it, it's yours for...
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    2004 LSE shocks

    Steve, or anyone else thinking of having parts made, please make your intentions known. There is most likely someone else out here that is looking for the same part and piggy backing orders will lower costs for everyone. I am presently looking for a clutch actuating hydrolic hose to copy (for...
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    2002 lincoln ls sunroof cover to make manual

    How timely this thread, I just pulled a moonroof this morning at Barbies. My goal was just the opposite though, I wanted to get the sunshade OUT so I can replace the one I have (the one that had some over sized handle before it fell out). What I had to do was remove the WHOLE moon roof assembly...
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    Be-Be got her annual Fathers day wash & wax plus got the second L glued back on the tail light for the second time. I'm amazed I haven't lost that letter yet.
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    Would you consider selling those white marked rear struts?

    Would you consider selling those white marked rear struts?
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    In PA we are able to pause our insurance while the car is parked (not used) because many people here have a car for winter and one for the rest of the year. Last year I was notified by State Farm, whom I have been insured with longer that the agent I spoke to has been alive, that I would not be...
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    Rockauto close out parts

    Would you part with those white marked Shocks? Mine have about 230,000 miles on them and the front ones are almost new.
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    Rockauto close out parts

    That'll teach me to look at my emails more often, actually what I'm looking for are REAR struts with the white marks. I'll even take used ones if they are low mileage
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    How do you feel about Biden NOW?

    When I started this thread I never thought it would still be active over a year later. I'm a native Californian who moved to Pennsylvania as an economic refugee in 1990. For several years I wanted to move back. Now, except for allergy season and our governor, I'm glad to be here. You couldn't...
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    Drove it to Jersey and back for what's become it's monthly outing, about 25 miles. Took Mr. White, our '95 Escort, for the same outing. Mr. White received 14x6 wheels and Tiger Paws that are 2 sizes wider than stock last year last year and lost 1/4" of LR fender flange to stop it from rubbing...
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    2000 LS Sunroof Question

    Thank you Sport for pointing me to the right thread, come June...
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    ASC Sunroof Relay Location 2001 LS

    Thank you Sport for pointing me to the right thread, come June...
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    2000 LS Sunroof Question

    I feel for you Linc615, mine won't stay open unless the engine is running, which usually does not bother me with all the crap blowing in the wind here, especially this time of year. What does bother me is when the roof closes, it closes all the way, then drops a 1/4 inch along the back edge...
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    California Catalytic Converter

    I'll confirm that, most salvage yards depend on income from platinum recyclers. I've never seen a cat in a salvage yard.
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    Leaking Motor Mount

    I couldn't stay out of this discussion! My '56 Ford has over 400,000 miles and about 13 zerk fittings on it. Except for the u joints they get greased every 2000 miles, except for once. In 1990 I drove from Detroit to Fairbanks (about 3000 miles) without stopping to grease and killed a couple of...