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  1. 03AspenGreenLS

    Anyone own a MIO c320 GPS Unit?

    I am in need of a copy of the original software that came with the MIO c320 GPS device. Somehow my files have became corrupted and it will no longer launch the GPS application. I have looked everywhere online and can't seem to find a downloadable copy. Thanks!
  2. 03AspenGreenLS

    Stock 6 Disc Issues...

    This weekend my stock 6 disc indash jammed for the 2nd time. The first time this happened I opened it up and pulled all of the cds out and put it back together and it has worked for the past 4-5 months. This time I was not so lucky. I still recieve CD ERROR when I try to play/load/eject cds...
  3. 03AspenGreenLS

    Need Gen 2 Headlight Switch for LS

    I need to replace my headlight switch, it has been broken since I got the car, but is slowly getting worse and is almost to the point of not working. Does anyone have one that they would be willing to sell?
  4. 03AspenGreenLS

    For Sale: Dell Inspiron 600m Notebook

    Up for sale is a Dell 600m Notebook, it was purchased new in 2005 for approx $1,800. It is in good physical condition, has a few rubbed spots on the outside plastic, and a couple of small scratches. The LCD is in perfect condition free of dead pixels. Touchpad and keyboard are free of dead keys...
  5. 03AspenGreenLS

    ABS and Traction Control Issues...

    I had a weird experience just a few hours ago, I was driving through a construction area, where the pavment was very rough and bumpy (don't know if this might have caused it.) After returning to normal pavement for about a mile, my ABS and Traction Control (both dash light and Traction Off...
  6. 03AspenGreenLS

    Wanted: 17' Chrome 8 Spoke LS Wheels

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a set of the 17' Chrome 8 Spoke LS Wheels?
  7. 03AspenGreenLS

    Lincoln LS-C ?

    Ran across this on ebay today, anyone ever heard of a Lincoln LS-C? or is this a fake?
  8. 03AspenGreenLS

    2003 Lincoln LS HID Upgrade Questions

    Hello Everyone, I have looked over several of the previous HID upgrade threads, and I am still a little confused on what I should do. Does anyone have any suggestions on a fairly priced HID Kit for Low Beams, and Fogs? Also, correct me if I am wrong, but The 2003 LS requires a...
  9. 03AspenGreenLS

    2003 LS V6 Rear Main Seal

    Hello everyone, last week I purchased my first Lincoln LS, it is a 2003 LS V6 Premium. I had the oil changed on it last night, the mechanic that changed the oil mentioned that the rear main seal was covered in oil, and it would need replaced soon. Is this a common problem for the LS? The car...