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  1. hottweelz

    Southeast GA (Camden County)

    Long time NO see! I'm an olllllllld member here who got into Mopar for quite a while. Now I'm back! with a 2003 DHS with only 91k on it. I was a long time, (possibly originator of the NE Chapter) but I left NY for SE GA. I work in Jacksonville FL (Orange Park). Where's my new locals and...
  2. hottweelz

    Welcome me...... BACK!

    I bet I don't know a single soul here, 'cept for maybe Joey... Found a beautiful 2003 DHS with 91K on it.... the memories (and domain names) came rushing back... Am I still a member of the NE Chapter? I moved to South East GA! -James
  3. hottweelz

    WTB: Cadillac Eldorado (No Title Necessary)

    That's right, I need an Eldorado, it doesn't need a title, (cuz I got one of those) Any info? 95-2000 would be nice
  4. hottweelz

    Wheres all the original members at?

    Post some member numbers... I have no friends any more?
  5. hottweelz

    Lincoln Mark VIII WeatherTech Window Vent Shades

    They retail for $50 on the site. I used mine for about 1 year and kept them Mint along with my Lincoln... I took them off before I traded the 98 Mark VIII in and just got around to putting them on Ebay now...
  6. hottweelz

    1997 Eldorado for sale, on Ebay

    Check it out here: I'm going to try to get whatever I can for it. You can read the whole story here:
  7. hottweelz

    Blew up my Eldorado!

    It's a 1997 Cherry Pearl Red Eldo. I know I'm not on this site enough, but those of you who know me, know I keep my cars as pristine as possible. This red, is RED... I'm sure you know. My question is, "What Do I Do? The Northstar runs, but I blew the heads, and water is in the block as...
  8. hottweelz

    Finally started modding the Eldorado, Audio components are up on Ebay

    Hey Guys, I started my "TekEldo" Project over at "those other forums" So I put the Factory Cadillac Stereo up on Ebay: I also added the 12 Disc Changer as a separate Auction...
  9. hottweelz

    Left over Lincoln Accessories

    Off the top of my head: WeatherTec / Ventshade Clone Rain Guards. Used but NICE: Side Window Deflectors WeatherTech® Side Window Deflectors offer you fresh air enjoyment with an original equipment look. They are crafted in Germany from the finest 3mm lightly-tinted acrylic material...
  10. hottweelz

    Breaking News!!!

    Nov 18 (HottWeelz) -- HottWeelz, owner of Charger Technologies (from back when the Dodge Charger was his pride and joy) Primitive Hosting and also Official Freedom, has crossed the line in the Car Industry. News, rumor, and hearsay has flustered around about HottWeelz for nearly a week. It...
  11. hottweelz

    Google is f'n CRAZY

    I googled "lincoln mark viii audio schematic" and you would never believe what the First, Number One, Top Of The List Link is that shows up! You get: ME - Talking about installing MY HAND CONTROLS on MY Lincoln Mark...
  12. hottweelz

    I appreciate the Birthday Email

    but does it HAVE TO say the "Age" next to your name on the homepage?:Bang
  13. hottweelz

    My Lincoln Was Stolen!

    Right out of my yard.... Cops found it 300 miles away upstate NY... on the thruway it was a 100+ mph chase and the Chase Cars could not keep up with the Hot Rod Lincoln.. so they called in a helicopter... and the dumb :q:q:q:q thought he got away.. pulled it in to a warehouse in the woods...
  14. hottweelz

    EUR: Pope John Paul given "Last Rites" - media rep

    VATICAN CITY, March 31 Reuters - Pope John Paul, whose health deteriorated suddenly on Thursday, has received the Roman Catholic sacrament reserved for the sick and dying, Italian media reported. A Vatican spokesman said he could not confirm the reports, but Church sources said it was likely...
  15. hottweelz

    Schiavo dies as family wrangles on

    PINELLAS PARK, Florida, March 31 AFP - Terri Schiavo, the severely brain damaged woman at the centre of an acrimonious right-to-die controversy that even drew in the US president, died today almost two weeks after her feeding tube was cut off. Schiavo, 41, died in a Florida hospice where she has...
  16. hottweelz

    Pope Blesses Faithful, Receiving Food Through Tube

    By Chiara Remondini March 30 (Bloomberg) -- Pope John Paul II appeared at the window of his apartment at the Vatican to bless a crowd of pilgrims gathered at Saint Peter's Square as concern increased about his health. The pope is receiving some food through a feeding tube in his nose to...
  17. hottweelz

    It's a Celebration! Here's too 100 More!

    :invasion: :ballon :dj: :bestwishe :dancefool :wave :GotPics: :bow:
  18. hottweelz

    Non Automotive Sites

    Name some community-based sites, just like :V that you belong to, maybe about, Music, Movies, Computers.... I basically live here... aside from the temporarily down,
  19. hottweelz

    Who'da Thunk?

    We don't have the wheel bearings one would be accustomed to on The Mark VIII, you have to replace the whole f'n wheel hub! :Bang $250 in parts in labor! :C
  20. hottweelz

    Public Service Announcement

    Like a non-technical newbie Idiot, I tried out some new software I saw advertised on the internet... Just like HiJackThis, Ad-Aware, and SpyBot... Error Guard promised to fix up my Laptop ... I happened to have one spyware issue that was killing me, Ad-Aware (which is really crap) and...