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  1. Silver06S281

    For Sale 97 mk8 tastfully modded

    hey guys, trying to save up for a built block for my mustang so im putting my mark up for sale. Car is clean purchased through the original owner have receipts and books with blend door work that was done by the dealership way back when. Exception of a couple little dings on the doors,clean...
  2. Silver06S281

    For Sale Getting out of Mark viii's for awhile(alot of good parts)

    Hey guys, i have way to many projects going on so im selling everything including my mark and some parts that didnt make it on and that i took off. Pics will follow later tonight. 97-98 front air bags (held air great on my mark till i swapped to coils)$120 93 front license plate bracket$25...
  3. Silver06S281

    Electrical diagrams????????(e fan wont kick on)

    Hey guys ive searched on the interweb and cant seem to find any electrical diagrams for this car for the fan and what it runs into. My electric fan stopped working and so has my interior lights. Checked all fuses they are good. Im thinking its a bad ground somewhere. Any diagrams or info on...
  4. Silver06S281

    Cluster lighting issues(sometimes)??????

    Pulled my cluster out to install temple performance white face gauges(which are awesome). But now im having issues,when i turn my headlights on with the car running the cluster doesnt light up but if i shut the car off with the lights on the cluster lights up. What does this sound? Bad...
  5. Silver06S281

    My parts pile for my gen 2 mark

    Been buying and accumulating parts to build a badass mark viii for both corning and the occasional 1/4 pass. Figured id share a pic i took acouple weeks ago, Im gonna start a build thread soon as i recently got rid of my 93 and bought a clean 97 from the original owner. I'll be installing all...
  6. Silver06S281

    Does anybody know racebronco2(Carlos)

    I pm'd him acouple times and he replied to a thread i started about a set of silver frost taillights he had but havent heard from him in a bit. Does anybody have his number or email?
  7. Silver06S281

    WTB gen 2 mk8 silver tail light or light

    hey guys rather then spending extra money on prepping my peeling chrome tail lights im trying to find 97-98 silver frost painted ones. please let me know what you have thanks
  8. Silver06S281

    WTB gen 2 mark viii front drivers seatbelt

    Like title states guys, im looking for a clean gray or black(prefer gray) front drivers seatbelt THAT RETRACTS ALL THE WAY. Mine just hangs there after you take it off and i cant stand it. thanks Jim
  9. Silver06S281

    WTB gen 2 mark viii KEY FOB

    Looking a gen 2 key fob that is in pretty good shape, only the square ones please no peanut shaped ones thanks
  10. Silver06S281

    Going to look at a 2nd Gen tomorrow any tips?

    My fist gen's trans took a dump on me, and never bothered to really read up on the gen 2 marks. Going to look at a 97 tomorrow that an older guy owns and says everything works great. What should i look for besides the evap tray? Will the rear neon come on when i turn the lights on?
  11. Silver06S281

    Trans issues???

    Well got some issues going on with my trans in the 93, for the past couple days on start up its bin making a winding noise, it sounds like a eaton blower while im driving then goes away after 5 or so mins once moving. Checked the fluid yesterday and it was good. Told my mechanic and he said a...
  12. Silver06S281

    Post your chameleon mark viii pics......I want one!!!!

    Ok so after looking at some pics here and there i decided that i want one of these damn cars friggin bad. I found this one for sale right near my parents,called this morning and the damn thing is sold i was so pissed. I made up my mind to get rid of my mark as soon as i find one...
  13. Silver06S281

    Speaker issues

    Having issues with the factory jbl speakers in my 93. None of the speakers work except the tiny little tweeters in the rear quarters. Now i took 5/7 kenwoods that worked fine out of my foxbody, clipped the connector off the factory 5/7 and hooked up the kenwood and still nothing. What could...
  14. Silver06S281

    Cobra caliper upgrade issues

    Hey guys, gathering parts to do the hub swap and cobra brake upgrade on my 93. Some issues have come up and have me alittle confused. Found a set of 03 cobra calipers loaded with new pads and brake hoses off craigslist local and scooped them up for a steal of $120. I didnt think the caliper...
  15. Silver06S281

    1st time gonna attempt to paint interior(any pointers)

    Hey guys my 93 mark has the mocha interior which i know is rare, i wanna paint the top half of the dash black and the top half of the door panels black to spruce it up a bit. Never painted any interior pieces in my life im very mechanically inclined and have painted throttle bodies and stuff...
  16. Silver06S281

    Cobra steering wheel swap????

    Hey guys my mark's steering wheel is horrid tan that is falling apart and i see that 03-04 leather cobra wheels are pretty cheap. Would this be able to swap over to the mark? They look like the same size etc. heres a link to one...
  17. Silver06S281

    WTB gen 1 mark viii MAF sensor

    Hey guys just like the title says i need a 1gen maf sensor, i have my flow tube just need the sensor that bolts onto the tube.
  18. Silver06S281

    Exhaust Time!!!! Need some opinions plz

    Hey guys new to the mark viii game, installed a k & n cone filter on my mark now i wanna do exhaust but retain the stock manifold for now. Where are you guys finding these x-pipes? Plan is to run 2.5" exhaust with 2 high flow cats into a x-pipe for true duals back to 2 magnaflow x chambers.
  19. Silver06S281

    93 mkVIII New owner some issues

    Hey guys my name is Jim, i just picked up a really clean 93 with 100k from an older gentleman that couldnt get in and out it any more. Anyway this is my first lincoln, I've built several supercharged and turbo'd fox bodies and some thunderbird turbo coupes so working on cars is nothing new...