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  1. 02monster

    car audio help

    so that hooks up between the radio and the factory amp or between the factory amp and the rear speakers
  2. 02monster

    car audio help

    so i just splice the rear speakers before the amp into the loc and the hook the amp up as normal
  3. 02monster

    car audio help

    so there is no way to hook up the subs and still have my factory amp hooked up
  4. 02monster

    car audio help

    Anyone know how to add an amp and subs to a factory deck and factory amp i need to know what wires and where they are to tap into to hook up an amp for my 12s
  5. 2002 lincoln ls v8

    2002 lincoln ls v8

    02 LS V8 5% tint all the way around, 12000k hid, 2 12s, and more to come
  6. 02monster

    new ls owner denver co

    im 25 i just got a 2002 ls v8 black on black about a month ago mods i have done already; 5% tint all the way around,12000k hids,2 12s and 1000 wat amp i have a whole list i want to add by spring