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    My New Baby(This Hoe Can Hunt!!)

    Check out my new whip!!! Bought it a couple of weeks ago and am quite pleased:D Comment please!!!
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    I'm pretty sure my Lincoln is No More...

    This past Sunday night, I was headin to a friend's house for a get together. I took the interstate so as to arrive early. On my path there, there was a short stretch of interstate that had no lights on either side of the road. I was in a slight curve in this darkness and decided I wanted to...
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    I got tinted. Tell me what you think!!!

    Like the title says :D
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    Lincoln LS Take Over

    Anyone want to take over my Lincoln? Roughly 12k to pay off or $366.00 a month. 61,XXX miles 2000 Lincoln LS Sport V8. Charcoal Gray with dark gray/black interior. Magnaflow exhaust, JVC indash cd/dvd player, etc...Let me know. $m0k3LS
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    Magnaflow Custom Exhaust Installed =\

    I recently installed my magnaflow exhaust. I cut off the res's, and had some pipe bent. The a$$es @ the shop put the same size pipe back on it (Tho it is bent the same way as the Magnaflow kit is). So I have 2" pipe out the back and it still sounds good. With the res's off, it's a little...
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    Rear Brakes

    I did a search but came up with minimal results. What is the tool that is needed to change the rear brake pads and how is it utilized?
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    22" Rims on a Lincoln LS

    Where can I buy 22" rims for a Lincoln LS?
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    Memphis M3 15" Sub and Performance Teknique 1200 watt amp

    Memphis M3 15" sub and a 1200 watt Performance tecknique amp for sale. Slightly used but in perfect condition. $300 shipped
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    Rims....Will these fit?

    I was looking to get some rims. Will these fit? I don't know anything about offsets so....:shifty...
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    Ski chute in an LS?

    Has anyone seen this or done this? Is it possible?
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    2.25 or 2.5????

    :confused: I'm about to do a custom magnaflow system this weekend, and I'm wondering should I go with a 2.25" or 2.5" pipe size. What are the pros and cons of 2.25" to 2.5". Any gains in HP but loses in TQ? 2000 Lincoln LS Sport $m0k3LS
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    Will these fit on my LS?

    I'm getting ready to try out the "revered" Magnaflow exhaust, but i don't really want to spend $6-700 on that setup. Will these fit?
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    Sealed or Ported in an LS

    Which box is best for a Lincoln LS? Ported or sealed? $m0k3LS
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    Memphis M3 15" Sub and Performance Teknique 1200 watt amp

    I have a new Memphis M3 15" sub and a performance teknique 1200 watt amp that I have to get rid of. I really hate to let these go but due to some recent issues in the family, I have to part wit these:( . I've only had the setup for about a week and its wonderful! I I paid a good chunk of change...
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    Post pix of your LS!!!

    Here's my baby about 3 minutes ago! Her first snow day lol
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    2000 LS Ball Joints

    So I was browsing eBay today when I stumbled across these. I was wondering is this legitimate? Can you just swap out the ball joints? Just wondering. Let me know if this is so because one of my ball joints and I'd hate to have to spend a "Guap" on a completely new steering knuckle. Here's...
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    Memphis M3 15" Sub and Performance Teknique 1200 watt amp

    I have a Memphis M3 15" sub and a 1200 watt Performance Teknique amp. I bought the setup on March 1, 2008. This system is VERY nice. I'm letting it go due to some recent events that happened:( but the price for this is $460(negotiable) shipped. Everything is still brand spanking new and has...
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    Linciln LS RIMS: Your thoughts...

    I'm looking into getting some rims for my LS in the spring. I've seen alot of options, but stumbled across these. Will these fit, and what do you think? Click on the "View on Vehicle" link...
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    Heated Leather Seats Question???

    My driver's side seat doesn't heat up...WTF? I check the fuse and it was fine. Any help is welcome.
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    The "Fugly" LS

    I don't know if any of you members remember that guy who was selling his LS on eBay...(the one with all the chrome on every square inch of it?) Well, I was driving through Bartlett/Memphis yesterday when something shiny caught my eye in a shopping center parking lot:confused: . With so much...