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  1. 01LSv6

    torque values, Please help asap

    I'm in the middle of changing out the good'ol PCV elbow hose under the upper I'm putting it back together and I'm not sure of a torque value for the bolts in the fuel rail plenum. The upper intake bolts have a torque spec of 89lbs/in according to the tech articles here...
  2. 01LSv6

    WTB-factory LS grille

    I'm looking for a factory ls grille, mainly the upper 'chrome' part of the grille. The one I have is pealing. If anyone has one or knows of one I can get, please let me know. Thank you and God bless.
  3. 01LSv6

    cleaning caked on dirt / brake dust off wheels??

    Chrome wheels, they have some dirt and brake dust I'd like to remove before it does damage. I sprayed some Eagle 1 chrome wheel cleaner on and theres some dirt stains that wont spray/rub off. Should I use some 0000 steel wool and chrome polish? clay bar? what would you suggest to get the stains...
  4. 01LSv6

    LED side mirrors?

    Seen this? I'd like it if they were painted to match the color of your car maybe...
  5. 01LSv6

    245/35/20 tire pressure?

    what tire pressure should I run on 245/35/20 tires? The tires are Nitto 555 and it says the max is 50psi on the tire. Should I go 35, 40, 44? thanks
  6. 01LSv6

    keyless remote's range?

    I have two sets of keys with the keyless entry remotes and I have to get like 10-15ft from the car for it to work. Is that the range on these things? Other ppl can use theres like 100ft away (other cars).
  7. 01LSv6

    Kapones....hell ya

    Got my 20x8.5" +43 offset Enkei Kapones w/ 245/35/20 Nitto 555 tires on this week, love them! No rubbing or ride problems at all. Fit and ride perfect with the car. Turns heads like crazy everwhere I go. Heres 8 pics I took today Oh, also put on the angel eyes w/ cleared corners and installed...
  8. 01LSv6

    HotWheels LS?

    Has anyone ever seen a hotwheels or matchbox Lincoln LS? My 3yr old son loves toy cars and it would be neat if I could find a toy LS
  9. 01LSv6

    I got angel eyes for $269

    I bought some off ebay for only $269 and they are beautiful. wiring is simple, and the CCFL rings are very bright. The corners are clear, and I installed som Silverstar irridecent/amber turn signals. It looks great! I'm still waiting on my Kapones from "deadpresidents", so when I get them on...
  10. 01LSv6

    catback on v6??

    anyone here have the magnaflow catback on a v6? sound decent or like a ricer? know of any sound clips for the v6? thanks
  11. 01LSv6

    bumper trim

    The chrome trim on my front bumper needs replaced, where can I find some replacement trim? I did a search, but found that most people just wanna get rid of their chrome trim and paint... know where I can find some trim? thanks.
  12. 01LSv6

    swap in the 3.9 for my v6?

    has anyone done this? I'd love to have the V8, but can't trade in my LS. I'd rather keep the one I have and drop the 3.9L in. SO, what all would I have to swap for it to work. I did a search, but didn't find it. Is it as simple as swap motor, computer, wiring harnesses, headers, maybe motor...
  13. 01LSv6

    91+ octane?

    I was curious, with the gas prices like this, what happens if we put like 87/89 octane in an LS? will it ping? or is it 'suggested' by Lincoln to use 91+ octane to achieve the peak power? I don't want to use cheaper gas and detonate, plus its been 90-108* outside the past 2 weeks. Thanks
  14. 01LSv6

    v6 cold air intakes

    I got this off ebay, thought I'd share it with you guys with V6's.Its got a nice air suction sound, and it growls under acceleration. I like it, especially for the price.I got it for $68...
  15. 01LSv6

    19" wheels with stock ride hight?

    I'm wanting to put some 19 or 20" wheels on my LS after income tax return...anyways, I would like to know what wheel/tire size can I use without any rubbing/ride issues. If theres too many rubbing issues w/ 19"+ then I might go with some 18's. Thank you for any help :L