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  1. tda13

    96 LSC Black Interior and also engine and transmision

    I have black interior out of a 1996 LSC. The car had 50000 miles on it when it was crashed, so everything I have is in decent shape... will need cleaned up. I have the seats (front and rear), door panels, rear side pannels carpet and I think the headliner. Might have a few additional pcs as...
  2. tda13

    WTB Coil Conversion Kit

    Looking for a air ride conversion kit. Want 1.5 lowered.
  3. tda13

    Figure this one out (suspension)

    Suspension was working when it wanted to for a while. I've had the car in storage for about a year and decided to get it out. No suspension at all. Pump will not run. Pulled pump and bench tested. Runs on the bench. Changed relay, changed module, changed solenoids. Checked all fuses and relays...
  4. tda13

    air ride no work

    Last week the compressor quit and I got the check air suspension light. I parked the car and figured I would just throw another compressor in it. I had one in the shop. Today I stared getting it ready, but thought I would first check the relays. Nope still does'nt work. I also fiigured I...
  5. tda13

    Bad miss

    Okay. Here are the details. 1997 Mark VIII 183000 miles The car misses when it warms up... not as bad when it is cold. Here are the parts we have replaced (they needed replaced anyway). Plugs Coil packs Fuel filter Injectors IAC EGR I have NOT replaced the o2 sensors. I'm sure...
  6. tda13

    EGR or DPFE Sensor

    Running into a crazy miss when the driving under normal conditions. Usually misses when pulling a slight load (like up a small hill with the cruise on). I do have a CEL, so I pulled the codes and it says the problem is the DPFE Sensor. I pulled the vacuum line off the EGR and plugged it and...
  7. tda13

    EGR valve sensor (DPFE)

    Where is it at on a 97. On my 96 its on the back of the DS head. I want to change the one on my 97, but can not see it (find it). Crazy!
  8. tda13

    Crazy Friggin Miss

    I have a crazy missfire going on. Had the codes run (which I don't completley trust) and it says missfire on number 6. The first thing I did was switch the coil pack and had the codes ran again... still number 6. That rules out the coil pack. I also stuck another injector in six (not a new one)...
  9. tda13

    Nitrous Express - Ford EFI Race nitrous kit

    I have for sale a Nitrous Express EFI Ford Race kit. This is a wet kit. It includes the 10# tank, lines, solenoids plus the purge solenoid. Kit is still in my Mark VIII with the 100hp jets in it. I just dont run it anymore. Probably ran 5 tanks of nitrous through the kit. This kit will run 75 -...
  10. tda13

    crazy miss

    I have crazy miss on my #4 cylinder. I replaced the injector and the coil pack and of course the plug, but still the same. Code says it could be the EGR valve or of course the air pump. My question is why would the EGR only make number 4 missfire? Any ideas. By the way, I was almost certain...
  11. tda13

    air ride short cycle

    I am running into an issue with my air ride. I have seached but can not come up with this exact problem. Car is sensor lowered and has Rays kit on it. 1. While driving, the rear bags will vent for no reason. I do not get a check susp light (ever). 2. After the bags are vented, I will...
  12. tda13

    No more Navi

    So I traded the Navi for an E class Benz. Great car, great ride, plenty of motor. Now I am down to just one Lincoln (the Mark).... or at least I was. 3 days after buying the Benz, the front passenger bag (air ride) went out. I take it back to the dealer to have it replaced and they give me a...
  13. tda13

    New (old) House

    So, I purchased an older home (1830) on December 30th, 08 and started restoring it. Our goal was to be done before June 1st. To date, I have put a new roof on it, 30 new windows, a new kitchen, two new storm doors, new carpet and pulled the carpet and refinished the floor in one room. Here are...
  14. tda13

    Putting HID in a gen1

    Other than cutting the green (I think its the green wire) under the glove box and mounting the ballast, what is involved in hooking up OEM HID lights in a gen 1? Yes, I have searched and looked at tech articals but could not find what I was looking for. Thanks in advance for the...
  15. tda13

    Thinking of selling my HID set up

    I have an HID set up out of my parents 96 and I am thinking about selling them. They are perfect (almost like new). Lenses are super clear and chrome is perfect. I have the ballast as well. If I put them on EBAY, what could I expect to get out of them? What should I ask? I was going to keep...
  16. tda13

    A few pics from the Early Tin Dusters in Quincy

    From the show this past weekend. Only a few of the cars... its a 3 day show.
  17. tda13

    Well, It finally happened... I think

    A couple months ago a made a post about a possible blend door problem on my car. This is the weird part. I had max air if it was set on max, but anything else (65 and up) was max heat. It was not just one or the other. Well, yesterday I was driving and turned the air on and all I had was max...
  18. tda13

    Another Blend door question.

    After searching for blend door problems, I can't seem to find my problem. What is usually find is no heat or no air. This is what mine is doing: When the air is on max cold, I get cold air (max cold air on 60 deg setting). If I take the air up to 65 deg (the next setting up), I get heat...
  19. tda13

    Idle Air Control

    Noticed after putting the car back together that it seemed to idle high while coasting. I also noticed, that if I unplugged IAC, it would idle down to normal. Will, today I got the C.E. light, so I pulled into an Autozone (please forgive me) and had them run the code. Guess what... bad IAC. I...
  20. tda13

    stupid airbag light

    Well, I was able to fix everything else, but my airbag light is still flashing. It seems to flash a pattern.... 3 flashes - pause - two flashes then nothing for about 10 seconds then the same thing again. When the clock spring in my Navi needed replaced, the airbag light flashed, but had no...