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    For Sale Prairie Tan Cupholder for sale

    How about $50 shipped?
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    For Sale Prairie Tan Cupholder for sale

    I sold my 98 LSC a while back and had this left as a spare.It works perfectly and is in great shape.I am asking $65 shipped.
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    97-98 Cupholder $45 shipped

    I still have this.
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    97-98 Cupholder $45 shipped

    I havent been contacted by anyone yet,if you want it contact me through PMs.
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    97-98 Cupholder $45 shipped

    I take paypal.Please PM me if you still want it.
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    97-98 Cupholder $45 shipped

    Works perfectly.Its prairie tan.
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    Stainless Steel Rear Shock Mounting Kit 2.0

    Yes,these are sold.
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    Gen 2 steering column with prairie tan steering wheel

    I bought these from another member here a while back and the columns appears to be in good working order.The steering wheel is very nice and it comes with the turn signal stalk with the chrome wiper squirter button intact.I am asking $120 + shipping.
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    Stainless Steel Rear Shock Mounting Kit 2.0

    These are the ones that DLF made and sold earlier this year.I paid $65 shipped.Asking $50 shipped.They are in perfect condition and were never used.
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    Brand New Blend Door and Wood stereo surround for Gen 2

    Blend door is brand new in ford box.$35 shipped.The wood stereo surround is in good shape except for a couple of very small chips.$40 shipped.
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    Tan LSC Floormats and Tan cup holder for GEN 2

    The floor mats barely looked used.They are $60 shipped.The cup holder works perfectly.Its $50 shipped.
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    New mark 8 owner in UK

    From what i have read the Mark VIII was never exported,do you get a lot of questions about the car?
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    Missing Linc.....oln

    +1.Was Dexcool still an issue in that year regal?I have seen some REALLY nasty gunked up radiators because of that crap.
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    Missing Linc.....oln

    Laser,i picked up a 98 corolla on CL for $700.Everything works and it has all options.It gets 35+MPG and and even the air works plus its a 5 speed.There are deals out there.It has totally saved me from DD my 98 LSC.Good luck man.
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    98 Parts car?

    Yep,mine used to be bad about it but over the last 6 months i havent found any oil on the plugs.I guess she healed herself??LOL
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    power steering in my 97 vs my 94 TBird

    My 98 is the same way.New everything and no change on it returning.I assume its the rack.It gets down right hard to turn in the winter.:eek:
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    $1000 LSC 1998 with pics

    I called about this car yesterday and was seriously considering driving 5 hours to look at it.The old man told me the body was nice and the interior was decent.He said it just needed coils and plugs.GLAD i saw this thread!!:D
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    3rd gen SHO seats

    It will be tomorrow before I can go back to get them.I will post pics soon.
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    3rd gen SHO seats

    It was whether they would just bolt right in without any or much modification.The electronics was a worry until i went back to get them and noticed they are manual seats and seem light.unfortunately i forgot my deep 19mm socket and have to go back to finish removing them.I just thought that...