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    How do you feel about Biden NOW?

    Has anyone seen this from the "Deep State Tribunal"? 'Should Biden need to rely on lawmakers to pass his agenda, however, Schumer could still sidestep Republicans through reconciliation, a budget rule that would allow Democrats to pass certain legislation with just 51 votes. Schumer on Monday...
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    Faux windows

    Hi All, I have a couple of questions regarding the faux windows on the doors between the the door windows. 1. How do you clean them? At home I've tried car wash, soap and dish detergent. I tried Ammonia free Windex, regular Windex, 91% isopropal alcohol and paint thinner on cars at the salvage...
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    Wanted 2000 Lincoln LS Interior parts

    Our 2000 Lincoln LS is in need of 1) the center console single cup holder cover found on manual transmission equip t cars and 2) a LARGE sunshade handle, going by the shape of the opening, these have a radiused front edge compared to the small handles straight one. Mark
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    Slipping & Thumping Clutch

    My sons' 2000 LS manual's clutch is slipping and obviously needs replacing. More bothersome is that when I put it into gear I hear a thump from the rear end, which tells me that not only is not fully engaging, but it is not fully disengaging either. Will simply replacing the clutch fix both...
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    Hi, I'm new here

    Last July my son bought a 2000 Lincoln LS sport with V6 and a manual. 4 years ago I bought him a 1994 Escort LX sport with a manual, he pretty much trashed this car mechanically and astatically before the engine seized while I was driving it last year. I owed him a car. He wanted another...