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    DIY solenoid pack video

    DIY solenoid pack video
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    For Sale solenoid pack Tasca parts $200.00

    I have a solenoid pack (04 LS) from Tasca parts for sale it's been used for about 10,000 kms at most I ordered this from Tasca parts for 309.99 i thought it was bad because i still had harsh shifting so i ordered another and i have the exact same problem so the solenoid pack was not the...
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    broken bolt removal

    i broke the head off of one of the bolts that go around the drain pan any ideas of how I can remove it...i hope it doesn't leak
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    04 LS rear window regulator

    my rear passengers side window was going up and down very slowly making strange noises so i opened the door to see what the problem is the wire that goes around the green wheel was lose i tired to connect it back but it was too difficult because of the metal thats on top part of the green wheel...
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    solenoid pack electrical connector

    what tool do i need to open the solenoid pack electrical connector bolt on the outside of the transmission i've done this before but cant remember i think its a 8 or 10mm bolt i used a special wrench i forget what it was called
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    factory fluid that made the solenoid packs go bad? fluid V6 transmission solenoid

    anyone know what was wrong with the transmission fluid from the factory ( 04 LS ) that made the solenoid packs go bad? my new solenoid pack is showing classic symptoms of failing (harsh engagement from park to reverse and from park to drive) and overall harsh shifting about half the time...
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    checking transmission fluid on my driveway

    i want to check my transmission fluid on my driveway which is somewhat steep so the plan is to park backwards and jack up the front which is what i do for oil changes how can i make sure the car is levelled? is there anywhere i can place a levelling tool?
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    overfilled engine oil

    I overfilled engine oil it's right at the end of x of max should i drain? or is it ok
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    emergency brake module

    does anyone have a picture of Lincoln LS emergency brake module? and exactly where it's located where can I buy a new one? other then stealership will 05, 06 module work with an 04?
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    WTB 2005 or higher emergency brake module and LSE OEM 17" 7 spoke wheels

    WTB 2005-2006 emergency brake module and LSE OEM 17" 7 spoke wheels
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    WTB still looking 7 spoke 17" LSE wheels

    still looking for 7 spoke 17" LSE wheels
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    still looking 7 spoke 17" LSE wheels

    still looking for 7 spoke 17" LSE wheels
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    heated/cooled seat fans

    is there anyway to turn off the heated/cooled seat fans I want heated/cooled seats without the fan like in other cars I find the fans very loud and annoying
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    what are these wheels worth???

    what do you guys think these wheels are worth? seller is asking $400.00 $100.00 each wheel and tire there is some peeling and scratch's
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    Virus in this site

    this site has viruses in it every time I come on to this site it tries to get me to download PDF blackhole/80fed.pdh which gets blocked by Norton internet security my virus scan has already warned me not to visit this website heads up for people that don't have Norton internet...
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    04 LS speakers

    how can i remove the 6.8 front and 6.8 back door speakers? does the 04 LS come with a speaker amp?
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    lubricate wheather-stripping

    this is meantiond alot on the scheduled maintenance booklet what lubricate (one that doesnt stink ) could use to lubricate wheather strippings,hinges,latches and locks where is the engine crankcase filter located how does it look like
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    key fob from ebay anyone bought one of these? there's one for $20.00 thats a steal
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    Heater and AC light

    whenever i turn on the heater the AC light turns and i can hear the compressor turning on too why? is this normal?
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    WTB Lincoln LS 7 Spoke 17" Chrome Wheels

    WTB Lincoln LS 7 Spoke 17" Chrome Wheels