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  1. 03AspenGreenLS

    Central Indiana?

    I did live in Salem, most all of my family still lives there. But I am in Tell City, IN Now.
  2. 03AspenGreenLS

    03 lsv6 $2000 no title

    +1 sounds like a scam to me.
  3. 03AspenGreenLS

    Central Indiana?

    I am located in Southern Indiana.
  4. 03AspenGreenLS

    Anyone own a MIO c320 GPS Unit?

    Yes, that looks like it will work! I've contacted the seller to see if he has any CD's available separately, but if not it looks like I'll have some spare parts :) Thanks for your help, I even looked on ebay, guess I missed this auction.
  5. 03AspenGreenLS

    Anyone own a MIO c320 GPS Unit?

    I am in need of a copy of the original software that came with the MIO c320 GPS device. Somehow my files have became corrupted and it will no longer launch the GPS application. I have looked everywhere online and can't seem to find a downloadable copy. Thanks!
  6. 03AspenGreenLS

    Stock 6 Disc Issues...

    I ended up winning a replacement 6 Disk on ebay for $64.00 shipped. :)
  7. 03AspenGreenLS

    Stock 6 Disc Issues...

    I understand where you are coming from, but I have removed all cd's from the unit at this time, put it back together and it still will not even open the door for me to put a CD in it just clicks and says CD error. My main question is, will a Single CD / Tape unit hook up to my car.
  8. 03AspenGreenLS

    Stock 6 Disc Issues...

    I use the CD-R's that appear to be blank on both sides so they don't actually have a label. I think that the problem lies within the CD changer its self because I have had the same 4 cd's in it for probably 3 months and friday I burned a new mix and went I pushed "Load" and "5" it clicked and...
  9. 03AspenGreenLS

    Stock 6 Disc Issues...

    This weekend my stock 6 disc indash jammed for the 2nd time. The first time this happened I opened it up and pulled all of the cds out and put it back together and it has worked for the past 4-5 months. This time I was not so lucky. I still recieve CD ERROR when I try to play/load/eject cds...
  10. 03AspenGreenLS

    Oh Jesus.

  11. 03AspenGreenLS

    Need Gen 2 Headlight Switch for LS

    I had originally thought that the switch could be repaired, until I took it out last night, it looks like someone has either already tried to fix it, and busted almost all of the snaps that hold it together, or it has been punched or suffered some kind of force. What is happening is when I...
  12. 03AspenGreenLS

    2003 Lincoln LS HID Upgrade Questions

    Lol, Same to you! :)
  13. 03AspenGreenLS

    Need Gen 2 Headlight Switch for LS

    I need to replace my headlight switch, it has been broken since I got the car, but is slowly getting worse and is almost to the point of not working. Does anyone have one that they would be willing to sell?
  14. 03AspenGreenLS

    2003 Lincoln LS HID Upgrade Questions

    Update: Hey Guys! I got those factory HID's that I bought on ebay installed, sorry it has taken so long to get pictures. I've had them on for a couple of months now and I really love them! Sorry for the quality, but I only had my camera phone on me when I finally remembered to snap some...
  15. 03AspenGreenLS

    State by state window tinting laws

    Yup, Mines Illegal :)
  16. 03AspenGreenLS

    Who has cool license plates?

    This is what I've got.
  17. 03AspenGreenLS

    My new 2004 lincoln LS V8

    Nice! I almost bought a Vivid Red 04, that was very close if not the same as that car, same rims and everything. But I opted for the 03 (half the price :) )
  18. 03AspenGreenLS

    Finally cleared corners on black sealant headlights.

    Looks great! I'm in the process of deciding if it would be worth the trouble to pull apart my Factory HID’s with black sealant to remove the lenses. :confused:
  19. 03AspenGreenLS

    2004 Aviator Keyless Entry

    +1 Took my 03 LS to the local dealership, know a lot of the people that work there, and they pulled the code for free.