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  1. Silver06S281

    For Sale 97 mk8 tastfully modded

    I dont want to have to go through the bs of boxing and shipping the exhaust, Id rather just include them with the with the exception of the flaming river joint which i will sell separately.
  2. Silver06S281

    For Sale 97 mk8 tastfully modded

    bump best offer guys need this thing gone to get my saleen going for the warm weather!!!!
  3. Silver06S281

    For Sale Wanted 1998 LSC Mark VIII, Silver preferred

    scroll down for pics, i need it gone other wise ill end up keeping it and modding it. so give me a call. number is in thread
  4. Silver06S281

    For Sale 97 mk8 tastfully modded

    fixed sorry guys
  5. Silver06S281

    For Sale 97 mk8 tastfully modded

    hey guys, trying to save up for a built block for my mustang so im putting my mark up for sale. Car is clean purchased through the original owner have receipts and books with blend door work that was done by the dealership way back when. Exception of a couple little dings on the doors,clean...
  6. Silver06S281

    For Sale Getting out of Mark viii's for awhile(alot of good parts)

    Hey guys, i have way to many projects going on so im selling everything including my mark and some parts that didnt make it on and that i took off. Pics will follow later tonight. 97-98 front air bags (held air great on my mark till i swapped to coils)$120 93 front license plate bracket$25...
  7. Silver06S281

    Prepping for Carlisle Ford Nationals

    Ill be there Saturday,whos all going do we have a list somewhere???
  8. Silver06S281

    Picture whoring of my 97 LSC.

    we need a VIDEO.......................VIDEO.....................................................VIDEO:)
  9. Silver06S281

    A must have!

    the blue one haunts me in my sleep:woowoo2:,the black isnt bad looking at all i kinda think it looks mean.
  10. Silver06S281


    scraping off the stickers on the windows would make the car look 10x better, but it does sit nice
  11. Silver06S281

    Houston We need solutions!

    whats a 99 mark viii look like?
  12. Silver06S281

    UltimateSVT's black on black '97 SLOOOWWW progress thread

    Car def looks awesome,Cai looks pimp to
  13. Silver06S281

    It's official...

    No maybes, i think for sure lol. But yes as stated only thing i would do is maybe 15% tint all around and hub swap with 03-04 polished cobra wheels :)
  14. Silver06S281

    For Sale LMS 3-Piece Moulded Wing 93-96 Mark VIII

    hmmm im interested in it def but does anyone have any pics of this wing installed?
  15. Silver06S281

    It's official...

    nice congrats,that thing would probably eat up your blue stroker car
  16. Silver06S281

    Supercharging 98 Mark VIII LSC

    Nice what are you using? Just hand sanding then buffing?
  17. Silver06S281

    Supercharging 98 Mark VIII LSC

    you bastard! im super jealous of your score.;)congrats dude selling it must have recently got hook on drugs or something cus $150 for all that is def crackhead prices
  18. Silver06S281

    Good member having a bad weekend, prayers and well wishes for Sapperfire.

    Yea man stay strong brother,my condolences sorry for your loss.
  19. Silver06S281

    Vortech S-trim VS stall speed

    ^^^^Wat he said,4000 would def find the weakest link in your car after some launches on slicks.