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  1. 01LSV8TX

    A/C Oddity..

    Blows cold from drivers side and hot from Passenger side.... Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. 01LSV8TX

    Window won't go all the way up...

    I am sure this has been covered before, don't have the patience to look for it. Passenger Front wont roll all the way up...Regulator? Motor? I need help!
  3. 01LSV8TX

    So new tranny in but ?????'s

    So when I am driving the car for a bit on the HWY on my 60mi commute, and I come to a stop at a light after exiting, the car acts as if is in neutral.... Anybody? ***The tranny has been the car for 2 weeks, bought it from a guy here on the forums that claimed it had a 5k old rebuild from amco...
  4. 01LSV8TX

    Driver side window

    I am looking for the driver side window control (all 4 corners). When I picked it up from the shop last week after the new everything... All of the levers were broken off...
  5. 01LSV8TX

    Need Help!!!

    Just got new motor and tranny in about 5 days ago. Got home from work today, 60 mile commute, and it started dumping coolant off the back end of the engine bay, near tranny. Didn't overheat, no check lights... IDEAS???
  6. 01LSV8TX

    brake light.....

    Left brake light stuck on, any ideas?
  7. 01LSV8TX

    Various things for sale.

    Posted some items on the auto parts thread. Check them out.
  8. 01LSV8TX

    Ls.....20's for sale or trade.

    These Verde Exodus wheels are off my 2001 Lincoln LS and have the general wear that you would expect from a car driven everyday. Two tires are almost new and two are in need of replacement. Asking $600. The Tires are Nitto NT 555 245/35/20. Wheels fit TAURUS, LINCOLN, JAGUAR, and VOLVO. All...
  9. 01LSV8TX

    LS...Full audio setup

    Over $1200 retail. All are in great shape and sound even better. Comes with LS dash kit and wiring harness. Willing to separate items but a at slightly higher price per item. $650 for all. You can email if you have any questions @ $250 Head Unit Details...
  10. 01LSV8TX

    Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    How do I get to the bolts on top of the transmission? Having to replace mine and wondering if I can even get to them... Any help would be great!
  11. 01LSV8TX

    What I sold to get an LS....

    This is.... was my 2003 S-10. Bought it new in Sept in 03. Sold it in Oct 06. About 40K in it. Stll miss it but I love my LS......
  12. 01LSV8TX

    Pics of Nooby's

    New to the forums, joined seeking advice and ended up getting alot of help. Thought I should throw up some pics of mine.... Short list... 2001 LS V8 Sport 126K!!!!!!!!!!!! 20x8.5 Verde Exodus with Nitto Extreme 555 on all fours Complete stereo upgrade: Alpine in dash, doors, amps. Toby Ranger...
  13. 01LSV8TX

    Tranny issues with questions

    I have an 01 V8, recently been getting check trans light, error on gear indicator. Have had it serviced at dealership since. What it does is it takes away 5th and sometimes 4th while I am driving. If I turn off the car and restart, it is fine. Any help would be much appreciated.. dealer ran...
  14. 01LSV8TX


    Anyone have experience replacing front cross-member? Looking at doing it myself...
  15. 01LSV8TX

    Trunk lid trade

    I have a 01 in the White Pearlescent Clearcoat Metallic Tri-Coat with spoiler. Want a non-spoiler lid. Anyone wanna trade?