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    2014 Lincoln MarkVIII Calendar Poll

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    WTB Coolant Crossover Tube

    check on or ebay.
  3. 1998 LSC

    1998 LSC

    My car
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    1997 mark viii lsc or 1996 mark viii ?????

    Merk1n I went to see this car on Saturday and its junk. First of all the first thing that I didnt like about it was that it didnt turn on, battery was dead and it was just laying there in the back behind like 50 cars. Then the interior parts were all painted and it has 122,000 miles not 117,000...
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    Just got out of the hospital

    thats a good deal for an 87,000 mile mark 8....the roof has got to go though.
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    Just got out of the hospital

    good job!!! and it thought it was going to be hard to sell.
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    Just got out of the hospital

    Thats funny I saw that autotrader listing and thought it was an old listing from you guys. Thats a nice clean car for whoever buys it. I would love to jump on it but the price range is kinda high for me right now.
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    I might sell my Cobra wheels!

    alex sand them bitches out and paint em black!!!
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    How much would a Lincoln dealership charge to change the VCG?

    get yourself a set of ebay coils they go for about 120 bucks for the set of 8....and you can get the cats on ebay 2.
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    Foiled by Mr. LCA Bolt!

    hey fraken I used to follow you on TCCOA I was CamellionCat I had that purple/blue 95 Cougar. BTW hows the cougie this days????
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    old pic memories!

    I like the second pic the most...BTW the red mark VIII that I totalled had your white LSC's messege center buttons.
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    feeler thread. 97 blk on blk lsc for sale

    4,000 really isnt a bad price for such a Mark VIII....looks like I gotta start doing some calculating.
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    feeler thread. 97 blk on blk lsc for sale

    Well then if he really want to sell it Ive got 3,500 for him...thats the best I can do, maybe someone can do better.
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    feeler thread. 97 blk on blk lsc for sale

    whats up with this? is it for sale or what? bc ill drive up there with 3500 and pick it right up.
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    When things couldn't get any worst, On the unemployment line again!

    Jamie this :q:q:q:qs a :q:q:q:qing toilet bowl for real. Im about to move to Las brother is making it big over there.
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    When things couldn't get any worst, On the unemployment line again!

    My job is beaming 2, just yesterday I made $270 bucks in one day...Ive told him several times to become an S.T.S. driver like me but then again it consists of being out in the streets driving around for 12 hr shifts, stressful routes with 20 something pick ups, fighting traffic all the time to...
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    I'm madder than a midget with a yoyo!!!!!

    how many miles on it?
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    im looking at some rims what do u think?

    save the cash and buy some better nicer looking wheels.
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    Car wash Morons

    only in Tccoa...Ive been wanting to go back to that place....its the best place on the net.