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  1. 00ls-sport

    98 conti stuck in park

    my brother has a 98 conti w/152k. had no brake lights and no shift from park. having been working for ford for many years, i know the brakelight switches were a problem, so i sent him one. he installed it, and now has brake lights, but still no movement from park. are there any fuses that would...
  2. 00ls-sport

    spotted:who are you?

    driving south down main st in leominster around 1:15. red on tan ls w/gfx, two-tone taillights, and an a-pillar pod. thought it may be keith(vividls), but not sure why he'd be up this far.
  3. 00ls-sport

    misc parts for sale

    2000-2002 3.9L block heater kit(never installed) kuda cell phone holder 3.31 ring and pinion (about 53k, no marks) rear sub shelf (new, my car wasn't set up for it) will add more when i remember it! best offer on all pieces.
  4. 00ls-sport

    back from the dyno...

    i know its not an LS, but i figured i'd keep you guys informed! power is much better, gas mpg is insane....i hit 20.4(stock best calls for 17 mpg highway) on the way home before traffic kicked in....
  5. 00ls-sport

    help with emblem

    here will this look tacky on my 03 green expedition? i am supercharging it, so it will apply.
  6. 00ls-sport

    custom plate ideas

    im looking to change the plates on my expy when my project(see sig) is finished. i will list some ideas. please vote on those, or choose "other" and make a suggestion. keep in mind, only 6 digits available in MA. im leaning towards option 2, but nothing set in stone. couple more choices since...
  7. 00ls-sport

    picture request

    i am considering swapping an 03-06 navigator cluster into my 03 expedition. i would like to see a pic(s) of that style cluster at night. thanks in advance.
  8. 00ls-sport

    17" 5 star oe wheels

    pm me if interested. i have a line on the chromes and the silvers at a very good price.
  9. 00ls-sport

    car cover

    i am storing my ls until it sells at a gated storage facility. i am going to autozone to buy a cheap car cover while it sits in storage to protect from bird crap and such...and to hide what kind of car it is. i just need to know wether to get size medium or size large. imo, the ls is not...
  10. 00ls-sport

    parts for sale...possibly

    i have a local offer on my car, but for the price he is offering, the following pieces may be for sale. these are for a 3.9L non-alpine 6 disc in dash radio kkm filter mated to ken's intake tube...painted black to match engine(prefer to sell as one unit) magnaflow exhaust system (4)...
  11. 00ls-sport

    2000 Ls For Sale

    listing it here in case no one checks the cars for sale forum. EBAY auction number 300027619629 email or phone for info
  12. 00ls-sport

    oe radio plug help asap

    i have my radio out. which connector is for the speakers...the big square one(16 pin), or the short rectanglular one(8 pin)? i am trying to wire in my line out converter behind the radio, but not sure which black plug is speakers, and which is power. i know what color each speaker is, but there...
  13. 00ls-sport

    2000 Ls V8

    i may be selling my 2000 ls. v8, 83k miles, power roof, sport package, 6 disc in dash along with 6 disc in glovebox, 4 brand new tires(235/50/17), 4 used tires with less than 5k miles(255/45/17), separate snow rims with 215-60-16 snow tires(used last year only), new left rear knuckle, recent...
  14. 00ls-sport

    96 t/c

    i have access to a 96 towncar locally. 112k miles. $1000. sounds like a good deal to me. doesn't mention any problems. thoughts? i may just buy it and resell it. i see them on ebay from $2k-$6k. i would like to keep it if in good shape, but cant afford insurance on 2 lincolns, plus my wife's 04...
  15. 00ls-sport

    any interest in 255/45/17

    i have 4 bfg kdws. cost $175 ea new plus install. less than a year old, and not run during winter. think i would rather go back to stock size.
  16. 00ls-sport


    finally got the aluminum intake installed. had issues with one of the connections due to wrong size cut....bad batch i guess. finally got the BS to hone it down for me. it is painted flat black to match the rest of the engine. i am very pleased appearance wise. haven't noticed any power or sound...
  17. 00ls-sport

    well crap

    just had my 4 links replaced, and was made aware that my left rear beaing is junk. conveniently, it is only sold as the complete knuckle assembly. retail is $552.15 for the part, which i can get it for $364(still more than i want to spend). and another hour to have it installed($79). not what i...
  18. 00ls-sport

    fl2008 vs fl2021

    anyone know why the 2008's were replaced with the 2021's? i can get a bunch of 2008's at 50% off, but i don't want to hurt my $4000 engine. i can get some 2021's at 50% off too, but not as many.
  19. 00ls-sport

    misc parts for sale

    <Snip> Please list the parts here - dont link to them on another site.
  20. 00ls-sport

    sport vs euro

    i'm thinking i need to replace my shocks/struts soon with almost 80k miles on the car. i have the sport package already. do the euro's assist handling any better, or just a stiffer ride? i can get either set dirt cheap from work here, so just need some direction as to which set to buy. tia.