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  1. Svets96

    1999 Lincoln Continental Dealer Brochure from

    I would like to share with you that whichever year Continental you have you can still get original dealer brochures. This Ebay seller: Car Brochures, Old Car Magazines and Automobile Production Numbers They have a wide variety of makes and models. Selections can be limited. Contact...
  2. Svets96

    1998-2002 Lincoln Continental Power Steering Fluid Change Procedure (SlowWay)

    I thought I would start a thread to show how to change the power steering fluid in your '98-'02 Continental. This is the slow way in doing this. I've done some research and many say that if you do a full fluid flush or exchange either way it puts air in the lines. When air is in the lines you...
  3. Svets96

    The Cadillac Northstar V-8: A History

    I wanted to start this post on the Northstar. Any Cadillac enthusiasts out there take a look at this book. I came across it in Hemmings Motor News. It talks about and displays the story and development of the Northstar V8. Look Here...
  4. Svets96

    1993-1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Owners, demand for plastic model kit? Thoughts?

    Hey all. Would like to have your opinions if there was still an option or way to get a plastic model kit of your model Cadillac made? All American Models use to make these kits. They are not produced anymore because the company had gone defunct for some reason. Wanted to see if one could...
  5. Svets96

    Check this out: 1993-1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Model Resin Bodies

    Hey Cadillac Enthusiasts, check out Quicksilver Diecasts Ebay site for these plastic 93-96 Fleetwood model resin bodies. They have a limo, and a standard 4 door. Here is the link: 1993 96 Cadillac Fleetwood 4 dr RESIN 1/25th All American Model Body/Interior | eBay...
  6. Svets96

    Car Meet at Rt. 224 Canfield Dunkin Donuts, Youngstown, Ohio Fridays/Sundays

    Hey all!!! Thought I'd let you know we have a car meet in Canfield, Ohio Dunkin Donuts suburb of Youngstown, Ohio every Friday night and Sunday night from 6:30-Whenever!! Located on route 224 in Canfield. Stop in look for the white Continental. Continentals, Mark Series, Town Car, LS all are...
  7. Svets96

    Car Meet at Rt. 224 Canfield Dunkin Donuts, Youngstown, Ohio Fridays/Sundays!!

    Hey all!!! Thought I'd let you know we have a car meet in Canfield, Ohio Dunkin Donuts suburb of Youngstown, Ohio every Friday night and Sunday night from 6:30-Whenever!! Located on route 224 in Canfield. Stop in look for the white Continental. All makes are welcome! Also included...
  8. Svets96

    Ebay: 1990 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series 13K orig. Miles

    This car is not mine. I wish it was. Wanted to post this, if someone is looking for a correct original unmolested Town Car. Triple black with a half top, 13K miles, 5.0 V8, beautiful condition. :cool: Hope it goes to a good home. 1990 Lincoln Town Car | eBay
  9. Svets96

    Ebay Find: '03 Town Car Cartier 18K orig. Miles

    I wanted to post this gem up. It is a Cartier with 18K original miles. Silver with slate gray leather interior. I believe it has the touring package on it, front fog lights, and upgraded front and rear sway bars, with dual exhaust. This car has been a Florida car it's entire life. Love the...
  10. Svets96

    Archival Footage: Ford Wixom Assembly plant: Town Car

    Would like to share this historical remembrance of the Town Car name plate being built at Wixom along with Continental and Mark VIII. Enjoy!!
  11. Svets96

    Archival Video: Ford Wixom Plant, Continental, LS, Town Car

    Would like to share a cool video with you all. Here is the assembly line of Ford's Wixom plant footage. You can see the T-Birds, a white Town Car, a white Continental, a black LS. The good old days were where its at. Wish we can still see a V8 gettin shoved in the fender wells of a Lincoln...
  12. Svets96

    Archival Video Ford Wixom Assembly Plant, LS

    I would like to share some archival footage of Ford's Wixom plant. Here you can see their building T-Birds, LS, and other Lincolns. Thought this was pretty cool. Oh the good ol days. Enjoy!
  13. Svets96

    Ebay: '01 Continental 62K Florida car

    I wanted to post this up if anyone is looking for a late model Continental. This Continental is very clean and well kept. As you can see in the photo there is not rust underneath. Hopefully it goes to a good home. Continental CLEAN CARFAX LOW 62K MILES SUNROOF NON SMOKER! | eBay
  14. Svets96

    Ebay Find '95 Mark VIII 53K Deep Jewel Green

    This car is not mine, I just wanted to post it up in case someone is looking to see what is out there. This '95 is a clean rust free, California car. Has the alloy directional wheels, the Deep Jewel green metallic paint is very clean. Very rare color too. Grey leather interior is like new. All...
  15. Svets96

    Ebay 44K '92 Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass Series

    Found another beautiful example of a clean Mark VII. Wanted to post this up too. It is all original and has been well cared for its entire life. It has the history up keep in the description. It has 44K original miles, all maintenance up to speed. No rust. Only a minor dent in the rear...
  16. Svets96

    Ebay Find '92 Mark VII LSC SE

    I wanted to post this beauty I had found on Ebay. Maybe someone on LVC might want to look or purchase this great correct example of a Mark VII. At bottom of the listing it gives the production numbers of this special edition. 1 of 709 in Garnet Red Metallic. 1992 Lincoln Mark Series | eBay
  17. Svets96

    2019/20 Lincoln Continental To Receive Suicide Doors

    Don't know if this was mentioned before or not. I read a press release from a Lincoln dealer network a couple months ago, they had stated that Continental might receive suicide doors soon. It will be a Collectors Edition with a limited number of cars getting this treatment. I think it was...
  18. Svets96

    What did you do to your Continental today?

    Thought I would post this thread. (Every other make has theirs!) So do we!! :D:D:D
  19. Svets96

    2002 Lincoln Continental Collectors Edition Ebay

    2002 Lincoln Continental "Collectors Edition" This isn't mine, (although I wish it was) this has been a Florida car its entire life. I wanted to post this. It is like brand new! Would love to have this in my garage. Someone please go after this cream puff and keep it nice! This has all...
  20. Svets96

    Pro-Tuning Lab 1990-2011 Lincoln Town Car Replacement Headlight Assemblies

    Hey dudes, I didn't know if this had ever been posted before, I had found this website Pro-Tuning Labs has aftermarket replacement headlight assemblies for town cars. They look really good. They unfortunately do not have HID replacements. Check them out! :) Town Car