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  1. 02V8Sport

    Who is this on here?

    YouTube - World's Dumbest Drivers 19 #17
  2. 02V8Sport

    Hello from a long lost member!

    Hey guys, been looking at post lately on the forum and wanted to say Hi! You guys are doing a great job with the LS's on here. I totalled my MazdaSpeed6 back in September 09. Was going along my daily route and had a SUV pull out in front of me and wrecked pretty bad. Had to get a new...
  3. 02V8Sport

    DIY Tinted tails and headlights!! LOL!!!
  4. 02V8Sport

    Miss this place :( New Ride, Pics inside 325 AWHP

    The LS left my garage last week and I miss it and mostly this forum. The Mazda forums are a bunch of people bickering at each other. Well here is the LS replacement. A 2007 MazdaSpeed6 Grand Touring w/ 16K miles. Couldnt pass it up, got it for below wholesale KBB value with a 6yr/100K...
  5. 02V8Sport

    FS: Stock 00-06 LS Springs

    Bought them from another member and didnt have a chance to put them in before the car sold. Make an offer.
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    LS Officially sold!

    Its getting picked up tomorrow by the owner. I have been looking at STI's, EVO's, Legacy GT's, MazdaSpeed 6's and none are in nice condition. So I may just go with a G35 sedan and I still have enough left over to put a Vortec supercharger on it to get 400+HP. See you guys around.
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    Last pics of the LS before she goes in for trade :(

    In 2 weeks she will be gone. Getting traded in all stock except with the DVD/NAV/Bluetooth will stay. Items still left for sale: All Silver McLaren grill (color JP) Halo headlights XCAL2 Right Rear complete wheel hub assembly Complete Instrument cluster Make REASONABLE offers.
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    Anyone change a lower seat cover before?

    What is the easiest way to do this?
  9. 02V8Sport

    WTH!!! Is going on with the LS resale value???

    About 3 months ago I dumped a bunch of cash into my LS loan to get it caught up with the KBB Blue Book Wholesale value so I could trade w/o taking a huge hit. I just looked at my cars value so I can go trade it in soon and it went down almost $4000 in just a few months. Ill never be able to...
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    This LS can surprise when it wants to.

    On my way into Indiana today it was a nice brisk 50 degrees. I get off at my exit and see a 05 Mustang GT sitting at the red light. I decided why not, lets see what the LS has today. We ran off the line and I was keeping up but in SST my car shifted from 1st to 3rd by itself so he went past me...
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    Another McLaren Grill for sale

    PM me offers, Its new, unopened, unpainted. Dont need it anymore. Car is going bye-bye after winter.
  12. 02V8Sport

    Pics for those who think my 20's are photoshopped :)

    All Natural
  13. 02V8Sport

    need a 03-06 K&N Typhoon?
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    My 19's are for sale now.

    This is both good and bad. A few months ago I went to get my new tires put on and the tire changing machine damaged the lip on two of my wheels so it looks like curb rash going around the outer 1/8" lip. I do not have the time to send them off to get refinished and I will be parting with my LS...
  15. 02V8Sport

    Pics: Another 20mm spacer thread ;)

    I ordered my 20mm front spacers a while back and didnt get them until late last week due to them shipping over the 4th weekend. I did get them in this weekend. Here are some before and afters.
  16. 02V8Sport

    Anyone selling shock tower covers?

    Curious to see is anyone has spare shock tower covers they want to part with in great condition. Thanks!
  17. 02V8Sport

    Detailing: Headliner

    With all the good detailing threads going around. What cab be used to spot clean my headliner and pillar posts inside of the car w/o scrubbing patches into the fabric?
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    To Sell or not To Sell.......

    I dumped a good chunk into my car loan and I dont owe a lot on my LS so I wouldnt be upside down on a trade anymore like before. I think its about time for the LS to go but cant decide on my next vehicle. I only have 1 requirement and that is it has to be turbocharged from the factory. With gas...
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    New 20" Giovanna Caracas Wheels cheap!!

    These were bought for a Lincoln Aviator with a 5x114 bolt pattern but customer couldnt afford them after putting down his deposit. These run for $1781 with shipping and tax. $1250 shipped is a good deal on these...
  20. 02V8Sport

    ACCEL Ignition COP install

    I have been running these 99-04 Mustang 4.6L 2V ACCEL COPS now for a few weeks and no problems what so ever. The car is more responsive over the stock coil and my gas mileage actually went up as well whcih is an added bonus. I figured it was worth a shot over factory COPS since these can be...