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  1. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    quickie question regarding alternator

    i have a 2000 ls v6 with the manual 5spd tranny. is the alternator for the 5spd the same as the automatic? thanks in advance :)
  2. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    Location of Cliutch Master Cilinde?

    Just a real quick question. Does anyone know the location of the Clutch Master Cylinder in a 2000 Lincoln LS V6 manual trans? Mine is in need of replacing, Ford said the product is discounted and no longer in production. However I did find this one on rockauto...
  3. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    Another exhuast thread v6 options

    After getting my car back (3 months, needed flywheel) im now contemplating getting exhaust. I know there are many threads like this on the board, but im on my phone and the search feature isnt phone friendly.\ Im thinking about getting a custom exhaust done. I already have magnaflow high...
  4. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    out on a whim, need flywheel

    posting from my phone so I need to be short. I am in need of a flywheel for a 2000 lsv6 manual trans. Anyone have a used one? Point me in the right direction. Currently on work travel. Thanks for the helo
  5. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    control arm/ball joint question

    after replacing my passenger side wheel bearing and it still clunking like a bastard, ive come to the conclusion that it is the upper control arm andball joint. my question to you guys is: does the control arm come with the ball joint, and where is the cheapest place. i just called...
  6. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    ATTN: Mac @ Five Star Ford

    Max, Could you please give me a quote for outer tie rod ends for a 2000 Lincoln LS V6? I need both driver, and passanger sides. Thanks, Kenny edit. noticed i type mac instead of max. it wont let me change subject.
  7. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    head unit install question

    quick question guys; does anyone know of a company that makes a headunit din mount for the ls that has 2 single din bays? reason i ask, i currently have a single din cd player mount and underneath is a small storage area. i want to get 2 single dins to fit in there so i can have my cd...
  8. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    pcv valve, and house

    ok first off, yes i search. the search feature on this board sucks btw. anyway. 2000 lincoln ls v6 140k replaced intake gaskets, upper and lower last year. new coil packs, plugs etc... car is throwing code p0171, and p0174 i have researched it down to the pcv hose under the intake manifold...
  9. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    alternator whine

    im having some serious alt whine issues. i just installed my icom 2200h 2 meter rig in the car and am having some whining going on. does anyone have the same issue, or have a suggestion?
  10. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    02 Lincoln LS Center Console
  11. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    02 Centert Console For Sale.

    Gray and Tan center console, pulled from a 2002 Lincoln LS. Shoot me some offers. Im trying to get rid of this asap. Pics will be up before the night is over. I will ship UPS and it will be insured. alittle dust from sitting in my basement Shoot me an offer, I accept PayPal
  12. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    02 console gray and tan fs

    for sale pending if my buddy wants it or not. shoot me some offers no cracks or tears
  13. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    WTB 2000 LS Rear Caliper

    mines frozen, sitting in my driveway, new drilled and slotted rotors are coming in from ca and i need a caliper. if anyone can help me out it be mire than appreciated
  14. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    Port and Polished my intake and exhuast

    Hey guys, I've got a 00 LS6. I've got an Xcal2, for a while and wanted to get more performance. I was recommended to port and polish the intake and exhaust. We found out they used abrasive material to do it like gritty sand. So I got with my friend that tunes Hondas and we decided to try it...
  15. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    simple questions

    why is it that my 2000 v6 states 5-30 oil, however a 2001 v6, same moter etc states 5-20. do you think i should use 5-20 instead?
  16. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    some pics of the car

    Well, last night i washed, claybared, and waxed the car. here are some pics. my personal favorite taken infront of my firehouse these were taken at colt state park in bristol, ri
  17. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    post your desktop LVC edition

  18. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    bulb # question

    i just bought some "xenon" bulbs 212 for the dome lights, they look great. now i need the bulb number for the ones underneath the glovebox where you feet go. anyone know?
  19. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    Mclaren grill installed

    I installed the Mclaren grill a few days ago. I could not stand that you could see the white from my hood underneath the grill. I bought some flat black rustoleum spray paint, and a few sponge style brushes. Here is the finished product. Next I need to pull my corner markers off again...
  20. 00_slow_5spd_ls

    6 1/2" clarion speakers ib front doors

    is it possible without a bracket, or some type of mount??? i only ask because i got a free set of clarion 6 1/2"