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    I sold my Mark VIII

    Well peeps its official, I sold her yesterday to a neighbor. I really wasnt happy about selling it to somebody that lives to close to me but i had no choice. I sold her for $2,700 well worth the asking price I believe since she was in perfect working conditions. Ill still be hanging around since...
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    Thinking of selling (testing waters)

    After the trip I just did to Orlando Ive come to my determination of selling my 97 Lincoln Mark VIII so im going to post it here instead of on the For Sale section since its to be noticed more. Its a 97 Cordovan base with painted trim. It has ivory interior the leather is good the only problem...
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    another oil leak situation in hands.

    so acouple of months ago i replaced the oil filter adapter gasket and now something around it is leaking again. I raised the car up this morning and noticed that the leak is coming from the oil pressure sending unit could the unit itself be leaking? thanks im just trying to narrow this thing...
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    Updating Magellan roadmate way!!

    So I buy a Magellan GPS a while back maybe like 6-7 months ago. Its a pretty good GPS overall but some sections of the city dont exist or are not recognized by the GPS note that im in Miami. So I figure let me go into the website and check out the latest updates. To my surprise they want $80.00...
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    Me and Alex at the Tower Shops show in Ft. Lauderdale.

    Just like the title says. Me and Alex met up yesterday at the Tower Shops show, it was great. They had a bunch of classics, imports, muscle you name it they had it. Its an awsome show. I wish there could of been more Marks other than me and Alex's but we're working on that. Enjoy the pics...some...
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    a/c problem.

    guys first of all i have no heat...then when I put the a/c on cold the passenger side comes out hot and the drivers side comes out cold. whats wrong with my a/c system? is it that DCC whatever its called?
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    New rear seat cover....thanks to Jamie.

    Well today I received my rear bottom seat covers. So I took my old one off and installed this new one that I got from Jamie. The new one i got is in way better conditions than my other one. The previos owner put an ink cartrige on the seat and it leaked all over the place. It was a PITA to take...
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    oil leak from hell!!!

    Ive got this critical oil leak thats driving me nuts. It doesnt leak it gushes out. I raised the car today and the leak is coming from on top of the oil filter. Where can this leak be coming from? I have no clue. My mechanic said that the car needs a new oil pan. So I already got the pan to get...
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    front sway bar endlinks?

    will front sway bar endlinks from a t-bird/cougar fit on my 97-98?
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    My Lincoln Mark VIII 97 Cordovan with new shoes

    I got my rims and tires installed today and let me tell ya the difference in look is by far amazing. The wheels are 17x8 silver Momo Sports. Here are the pics. The car is very dirty but with the cold I havent had a chance to wash her and also she needs to be sensor lowered and I have to paint...
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    Im not a GM guy but I have to admit this is one bad Buick.

    The Buick Grand National GNX one of my dream cars. To bad Ill never own one unless I get lucky. Heres a great vid for you guys to enjoy. YouTube- 1987 Buick GNX 223 on Classic Car and Driver Flashback
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    My Lincoln Mark VIII 97 Cordovan (repainted)

    Well guys I just got my car back from the shop. I repainted the front and passenger side. I think they did a real good job matching the paint. Here are the pics.
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    need Ivory interior parts. 97-98 Mark 8.

    I need the drivers side door panel and rear bottom portion of the seat in ivory. If anyone has these parts let me know. you can email me at thanks.
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    I need to vent here guys.....Darn Ipod shuffle!!!!!

    Screw Apple this is the last thing I ever buy from them. I bought this shuffle not to long ago I used it for about 3 months and then it broke!!! how can apple produce something so cheap I mean there name APPLE is up there in the market right now. This crappy thing wont charge is not recognized...
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    New Gospel found in Egypt in 1946 fact or fiction?

    If your not into religion this wont interest you..but if you are then this article is very much interesting. I found out about if from the movie Stigmata. The new gospel of Thomas thats supposed to had been written from the dictations of Jesus Christ himself. Now if all of this is true....why...
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    Here she is guys, all washed up (pics)

    My 97 Lincoln Mark VIII half LSC....I just replaced the drivers side seat track and I washed her up and decided to share some pics with you guys.
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    New ballast didnt work.....what to do next?

    Ok so about 2 weeks ago my neon light stopped working. It was perfect until then. It has no condensation it has no black spots it looks brand spanking new. So I got me a used ballast from ebay. According to the person I bought it from it was working before he sold it to me. I installed it and...
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    1956 Purple Lincoln Continental Mark 2 customized.

    This car is just amazing check it out. One of my favorite all time classics. Its freaking awsome. What I dont understand is how come Ford would loose money on these back in the days. Its said that it would cost Ford about 18,000 to make each of them but now, they would sell them for 10,000...
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    Guys my neon was working great until yesterday. It wont light up anymore. It doesnt have any condensation nor mold inside....does anyone know what happened to it? Im thinking the ballast.
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    Tower shops in FT. Lauderdale Florida.

    Does anyone know what happened to this car show??? I went up there on Saturday about 6 pm and the lot was empty. Its in N University Dr. and 595 expressway. Does anyone know if its been moved elsewhere?