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  1. xford

    Slight stumble on cold start

    2006 LS V8 - recently started to have a slight stumble for a few minutes at cold start - goes away once warmed up. No codes via OBDII or dash lights. Its odd but it seems like I can feel it thru the accelerator pedal while driving right after start up - a bit of vibration/feedback. Aside from...
  2. xford

    Mercon V Overfill of 5R55S Transmission

    2006 LS V8 - If a shop overfilled the Mercon V Trans fluid is the only place it can leak from (without some other type of seal issue, trans cooler leak, etc. problem in play) the Hose that runs from the top bell housing passenger side of the trans to the back near the output shaft? Thanks!
  3. xford

    New Front Bumper Cover

    Looks like I am going to need a new front bumper cover on my 2006 LS. Anyone have any experience with the place below or other recommendations? Also, my driving lights lenses are toast due to age - any suggestions on some good replacement lights- are there any plug and play aftermarket options I...
  4. xford

    Sub Replacement Question

    Maybe a good ? for 1Loud. First off 2006 LS with THX system I bought a pair of CDT Audio HD-690CF.2's that I found a great deal on. They are 2 ohm, 89db Sensitivity, and 125 WRMS. Do you think the stock dedicated sub amp will drive these adequately? Secondly, when I pulled out the factory...
  5. xford

    Lower Spring Rate on Stance Coilovers

    Just got some softer 8k springs from Stance for my coilovers. The original 10k were just a bit too stiff for me even at the lower dampening settings. This should represent a 20% decrease in stiffness with the ability to dial up the dampening as needed. Getting them swapped out on Friday and will...
  6. xford

    LSE Tails and SF Pics

    Installed the LSE Tails with LED's purchased from HDDave (thanks again HD!). Side by side comparison: Took a road trip to SF for a wedding - could not resist a few pics at Battery Park w/ the Golden Gate:cool:
  7. xford

    Clicking and binding sound passenger side front end

    I have an odd clicking sound from the passenger side front and can only hear it when backing up or parking at low speed esp. while turning wheel lock to lock. I have had Stance coil-overs for more than a year, however, the noise just started recently so I am not sure I can correlate- I also have...
  8. xford

    Cargo Net?

    I have a 2006 Lincoln LS with the factory cargo net that I have never got around to installing. In the owners manual it states there are six anchor locations in the trunk of which I can find zero. Per a few threads I found the anchors may be in an accessory package that I will see if I can...
  9. xford

    For Sale Lincoln LS Nav Discs Version 4D/7D/Poowdercoated Brakes/Rotors & OEM Springs

    Version 7D - $75 OBO and you pay shipping Version 4D - $40 OBO and you pay shipping Powedercoated Brakes Calipers w/ Lincoln "Star" Logo on fronts F/R complete/Rotors/Hubs - about 1/8" of life on Hawk Pads - rotors never turned & have about 40k miles on them - Hubs 97k and were just swapped out...
  10. xford


    Starting to have a small delay shifting into reverse on Gen 2 2006 5R55S with 95k miles. Thinking about doing a small overhaul. Looking for some input on options plus items I should consider replacing w/o dropping trans. Initial thoughts: 1. Solenoid - part # 9L2Z-7G391-A - I see...
  11. xford

    Installed new alternator

    The LS was starting to do some odd electrical things at 95k miles on the 2006 and I was hearing a high pitched whine from the engine that was RPM specific and was louder at cold start. Since I had already done coils/plugs recently, and the battery is fairly new, decided to do the alternator...
  12. xford

    Got a "Bow Tie" to go with my "Lincoln Star"

    The new toy - a little American Muscle for the 4th of July! :steering Great bang for the buck on the performance front IMO. Don't love the rear taillight design but the rest of the car works for me. Tried to find a used 2012-2013 new body style White 911 S convertible but crazy expensive…Chevy...
  13. xford

    ETC Engine Fail Safe Mode - looking for advice - JoeGR input always appreciated!

    Had my 2006 V8 w/ 92k miles go into "ETC Fail Safe Mode" yesterday after about 50 miles of driving with some stop and go traffic in mild temps here in CA. It happened shortly after a quick stop (turned car off for about 5 minutes) and I felt a brief shutter just before. Good news was I was only...
  14. xford

    Refrigerant change interval

    I have a 2006 Lincoln V8 w/ 92k miles. I have changed out the DCCV in the past and everything about the AC system currently working fine. I do had some gurgling noises from the firewall area that I believe is related to the climate control system but that has been the case for years. How often...
  15. xford

    FS: K&N CAI for Gen II

    I got tired of the additional noise from the CAI after a few years of enjoying it. It does give you extra power in the higher RPM range but mileage is about the same since I think it makes you put your foot in it a little more :shifty:. I re-installed the OEM air filter set-up and put in the K&N...
  16. xford

    Broken Center Console Latch - Gen 2 - replacement?

    Anyone know where I can find a replacement center console latch for a Gen 2 - Part # VL8443? The little plastic pins on each side have finally died. I see on-line where a guy fixed his using small cut nails but he also used a drill press to do the holes which I do not have...
  17. xford

    2006 LS 5 spoke chrome wheels and tires

    I have 4 OEM chrome 5 spoke wheels with OEM Michelin Pilot tires 235x50xR17 off my 2006 LS for sale since I am getting tired of moving them around. Originally I had just planned to give them away to whoever bought my LS when I sold her but I have had her for 4yrs now and no real plans to sell in...
  18. xford


    It appears the infamous DCCV failure has hit my 2006. From looking at the location of the unit it does not appear to be too tough of a DIY repair. A few items: My Fuse #1 10 A appears to be fine. I tried to do a AC diagnostic by pushing "OFF"&"Floor" then "Auto" w/in two seconds and...
  19. xford

    Calendar Pics

    Had no time to take new pics so went to the archives. Which one do you like? #1 #2 Not enough butt shots last year (not our cars best feature) so added these: #3 #4
  20. xford

    Interior Leather Seat Detail Question

    Based on prior thread recommendations I used the Leatherique rejuvenator and conditioner on my 2006 Camel interior and am happy with the results. Expensive and time consuming but worth it. I still have a few small areas of discoloration. Four small 1/4" spots and one 3"x 2" light stain on one...