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    2002 ls v8 ac compressor oil leaking

    Changed my oil this morning and noticed a green oil on my oil pan and around the bottom of the ac compressor, so I guess my ac compressor is starting to leak oil. The ac is still working, but I noticed the pass couple of weeks the clutch has been going in and out. I guess since I caught the...
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    Rear Shocks 2002 LS V8

    I have a question, I think I already know the answer, but wont to make sure. Will rear shocks off a 2003 to 2006 LS V8 (Gen 2) fit the rear of a 2002 LS V8 (Gen 1)? Trying to come up with some options. Thanks everyone.
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    Steering Rack replacement 2002 LS V8, base model (non-sport)

    I had 4 new tires put on my 2002 LS V8 this past Saturday and was going to have them do an alignment, but the mechanic told me they did not do the alignment because my steering rack was leaking. My question is this would it be wise to have the local Ford garage replace the rack or should I do...
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    Rain sensor loose 2002 LS

    My rain sensor come loose yesterday, my question is can I use the normal rear-view glass glue to reinstall the sensor on the windshield or is there some special Ford glue? I cleaned the old glue off, it seemed pretty pliable, not like normal rear-view glass glue, which seems to dry harder.
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    Looking for Hydraulic Fan Actuator xw4z-3783-CA

    Car started to get a little warm last night on the way home. When I turn the ac on the fan does not speed up, so I think the Hydraulic Fan Actuator (xw4z-3783-ca) has went out. Ordered one last night, got an e-mail from the dealer. back ordered! Send another e-mail asking how long he expect...
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    Degas Bottle Coolant Bleed Hose/Valve XW4Z-8276-CA for $14.32 US

    Hi everyone Just want to let people know that if they are looking to purchase just the coolant bleed valve (Ford Part Number XW4Z-8C289-CA), that hang on the degas bottle, for their LS, FordPartsGiant has them in stock for $14.32 plus shipping. I ordered one last week and received it Saturday...
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    Mercon V XT-5-QM or XT-5-QMC

    I have a odd question and I think I have been given conflicting information from the two dealers I have contacted. My question is this: I have a 2002 Lincoln LS and was going to do a transmission fluid drain and refill again. I have on hand 4.5 quarts of Mercon V XT-5-QM from a previous fill...
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    2002 LS Starting spinning but not engaging engine

    Hi all To make a long story short, I went out Monday morning to start my car and go to work. Car started but died almost immediately. Tried to restart the car but it sounded like just the starter was spinning but not engaging the engine's flexplate. So, I immediately thought that the starter...
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    Advise on front suspension rebuild

    Hi all Was told today when I had my LS in the shop for an oil change that I needed to replace my lower ball joints. My question is should I get replacement ball joints and press them in? Or should I replace the steering knuckle? I am planning on replacing the upper control arms this winter...