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  1. 00ls-sport

    98 conti stuck in park

    my brother has a 98 conti w/152k. had no brake lights and no shift from park. having been working for ford for many years, i know the brakelight switches were a problem, so i sent him one. he installed it, and now has brake lights, but still no movement from park. are there any fuses that would...
  2. 00ls-sport

    Painted Intake tube...anyone?

    i had mine painted flat black to match the rest of the engine. no pics though...haven't had the car in some time now.
  3. 00ls-sport

    Traded '06 Zephyr for an '03 LS

    that was quick. didnt you just pick up the zephyr?
  4. 00ls-sport

    Looking for part name/price

    or you can carefully remove one from a boneyard and superglue it onto your housing. used headlights are pretty cheap though on ebay.
  5. 00ls-sport

    Looking for part name/price

    if its the whitish piece you are talking about that the bulb locks into, then it is only serviced with a headlamp assembly. you could try to dismantle one rom a boneyard i guess.
  6. 00ls-sport

    spotted:who are you?

    cool, where do you work? we should hang out. i can show off my truck to you!!! ill be changing dealerships at the end of the month, so if you need anything...dont call them!!
  7. 00ls-sport

    spotted:who are you?

    driving south down main st in leominster around 1:15. red on tan ls w/gfx, two-tone taillights, and an a-pillar pod. thought it may be keith(vividls), but not sure why he'd be up this far.
  8. 00ls-sport

    2000-2002 LSE Body Kit For Sale

    fyi, i ship a lot of stuff out of the dealership, so definately put those specs in. i believe that will pop up as oversize, which is a lot bigger expense. just a heads up. did you pm dmcbrideboston yet?
  9. 00ls-sport

    2000-2002 LSE Body Kit For Sale

    if i still had the ls, i probably would have bought it. pm dmcbride, he'll probably buy it!!
  10. 00ls-sport

    misc parts for sale

    sub setup sold. also have the updated valve body that caused so many problems. brand new in box. pm me for info on that piece.
  11. 00ls-sport

    New England LS Car Club

    here you go bought it in september with 69k miles, as of today, i have over 83k miles on her.
  12. 00ls-sport


    actually, he completed the job, so you are all whinig about nothing now. i think this should be closed or deleted now.
  13. 00ls-sport

    New England LS Car Club

    there are a lot of LS's in MA, so it shouldn't be that hard. i still kinda miss mine, but i am happier with my replacement vehicle
  14. 00ls-sport

    Inner Tie Rod

    glad to hear its finished dave.
  15. 00ls-sport


    i see no harm. dave said he would be becoming a member of llsoc, but he had to wait for his paycheck, and his car was disabled NOW. he bought the parts from me, and asked me to ask a tech for info. i didnt charge him our labor rate for an answer. unfortunately, we havent replaced one here, so i...
  16. 00ls-sport

    1996 Lincoln Continental

    looks good. im in the market, but for far less than what you are asking. good luck...bump for you!