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  1. 01continental

    Sct sp3

    I have already done a search. I have an '06 LS with air intake and full cat back including Magnaflow X pipe ans Thrush Turbos. Will the stock SCT SP3 program be OK for my set-up? I can not afford a special tune because I am buying a new trans. Thanks
  2. 01continental

    One Cobrastar Emblem

    One -(1)-Cobrastar emblem in Very Good condition. Facing left with red Lincoln Star and Black Cobra. Clean backside-YES, this is one of the original heavy die-cast metal high quality Cobrastars. Of course, no fasteners, use 3M double sided auto molding tape. It is a bad pic but the black and...
  3. 01continental

    You Tube of My New Thrush Turbo Mufflers

    2006 with resonator delete, Magnaflow X pipe and Thrush Turbo mufflers
  4. 01continental

    New Thrush Turbo Mufflers

    YOU TUBE LINK BELOW - I am on disability so my choices are limited on mufflers because of costs. I normally split repairs into different times because of costs. I do have a maint. fund for "have to" repairs and I only use it for that. I have already removed the resonators and added a Magnaflow X...
  5. 01continental

    Pictures From Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Performance Rebuild of 5R55S
  6. 01continental

    Cold Weather Trans. Problem

    '06 LS8 53000 miles-Fluid, filter and trans. re-flash done in past 6 months (3000 miles) trans fluid checked about 2 months ago and no sign of leaking. When the weather is over 50 deg. there are minimal problems, if any. When the car warms up it shifts GREAT. Before warming up the trans. it has...
  7. 01continental

    2000-2002 Lincoln LS Interior Grab Handles - Gen 1 LS Grab Handles

    This auction is for a COMPLETE SET of GRAB HANDLES for a 2000-2002 Lincoln LS. They are in EXCELLENT condition.They will ONLY FIT 2000-2002 1st Generation LS's. Look in your car and there will be an OBVIOUS difference if these handles are not the correct ones. The color is grey or dove. I wish I...
  8. 01continental

    Gen. 2 LS Info./Mess. Center Buttons

    Gen. 2 LS Info/Mess. Center Buttons. NO BROKEN TABS. Bought for '05 LS but it was only the screw. $25 shipped to Continental US only unless we can work something out for Canada. Prefer Paypal. Ford Part # XW4F-10D996-A W PM if interested
  9. 01continental

    '06 LS8 Trans. Re-Flash

    This is about my '06 LS8 w/52k miles. I discussed getting a trans. re-flash at the dealer a few times on this forum. My trans. just felt a little off on shifting and there was a little lag at kick-down. Well, I finally did it. The cost was $95 at the local Ford dealer, up from $85 quoted 6...
  10. 01continental

    Lskoncepts are now ripoffs

    LSKoncepts are a BAD business now. I have been working with them for a small order since July. ALL I HEAR IS PROMISES AND LIES. DON'T ORDER, YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR MONEY.
  11. 01continental

    Good Ebay Price On Gen 1 Exhaust

    For the budget minded gen. 1 people or, like myself, always low on cash.
  12. 01continental

    Generic trouble code list
  13. 01continental

    Fender Emblem

    I was looking through Ebay's Lincoln emblems from any year or any type. I found two 2 emblems from an old Town Car's roof pillar (they did not know the year except that is was old school). They were kind of rough where the red color was. I took a chance and ordered them for $10. They are between...
  14. 01continental

    Quick Question

    I was looking through some search posts and notice that a few people seem to have a single blade/port throttle body. Maybe I got the wrong impression but my '06 has a dual port/blade TB. Did some V-8s have a single port?
  15. 01continental

    Received cobrastar stickers today

    They fit perfectly & look GREAT. ANY imperfections are becaue of the bad light on a cloudy day.
  16. 01continental

    Air Filter Reset

    I am unable to reset my filter on the status screen. I push the reset but it just goes to the next item. I have tried ALL different combinations ie, pushing the status and reset button etc. My oil will reset but not the filter. I wouldn't care except I am afraid when it gets to 0% the status...
  17. 01continental

    '06 with Cobrastar-Looking for suggestions for another location

    I could only afford one cobrastar so I used 3M double sided tape and mounted it on the rear of the car. I like it, keeps my sides clean. I am open for suggestions on another mounting locations with only one emblem. In the second picture notice my wife's '05 Sport V8 in the garage. My '06 has 48k...
  18. 01continental

    Unique But Successful Trans. Fix

    My wife has an '05 Sport V8 (49k miles) and I have an '06 (48k miles). A couple of months ago she was having an intermittent trans. problem. It would take a couple of seconds before the car would go into gear then it would "grab" going into gear. there was also a slight shutter with a little gas...
  19. 01continental

    HELP-Engine Problems

    I have an '06 LS. It has been kind of running rough but no codes. I just added a CAI and it idles better but runs like s***. When doing a wot from stop it has a BIG hesitaion then catches and runs almost OK. Even before the CAI it had a surge or pulsating under wot. Is it the coils or throttle...
  20. 01continental

    WTB: One Cobrastar Emblem

    Please let me know if you have one to sell. I have a PayPal account. Please leave PM