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  1. JoeyLincolnMK8

    No more Mark.

    Hey guys, I just wanted to say that as of tomorrow the Mark VIII will be out of my life. But to me as a great community will not be missed that is for damn sure! I currently moved back to NYC towards the end of Sept and every week something was going on with my car. It pretty much became such...
  2. JoeyLincolnMK8

    Need all the help possible please!

    Long story short sort of :P - the other day I went to start my car to leave work and the RPMs were racing and stayed steady at 2k at idle. From time to time the RPMs decreased an increased pretty much at will. I figured to see if I can ride out the problem by taking it for a spin. Much to my...
  3. JoeyLincolnMK8

    And how is this a tax cut for 95% of Americans Obama? June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Health-care overhaul legislation being drafted by House Democrats will include $600 billion in tax increases and $400 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles...
  4. JoeyLincolnMK8

    Anti lock light on and lost my blinkers.

    I am not too sure if this is coinsodence or not. But the other day I smelled an electrial burn and the anti-lock light is on and I cannot signal. However, I the hazards are working and all functions on the multifunction switch is working. I checked the manual and I do not see a fuse that is...
  5. JoeyLincolnMK8

    CEL today.

    On the way home, I noticed my CEL stay lit while making a turn. I did not notice the car act weird or feel any difference in performance. I took my foot off the gas, light remained solid. Applied more gas, light still solid and no noticeable change in performance. I had the AC off, so I...
  6. JoeyLincolnMK8

    Leaky Fuel Pump?

    I got back from my 2 week vacation from NYC the other day, to notice my gas gauge dropped big time after I started my car. The gauge was reading at least 3/4 a tank, than dipped to about half way. I went out back and noticed the gas tank was wet as all living hell. I can swipe the residue off...
  7. JoeyLincolnMK8

    Aftermarket cooling fan question.

    What is the best aftermarket cooling fan for our cars? I see a lot of them on summit, can anyone point me in the right direction? I appreciate it guys!
  8. JoeyLincolnMK8

    New Pictures

    Here, I got a new cornering lamp for the passenger side, Just need time to put it on. Enjoy the pix!:cool:
  9. JoeyLincolnMK8

    Fun Ford Weekend.

    Fun Ford Weekend will be at the Orlando Speedway, March 1-2! Sounds like fun....right????
  10. JoeyLincolnMK8

    Worlds fastest street-legal car. Bugatti what?
  11. JoeyLincolnMK8

  12. JoeyLincolnMK8

    SVT Focus Fuel Pump

    I searched for this on the forums, but it did not yield anything. Would this fuel pump work for a Gen 1 mark? I know it works for a Gen 2, I appreciate it.
  13. JoeyLincolnMK8

    Lexus IS F This thing is sick!!! 13.0 in a quarter mile, not too bad at all.
  14. JoeyLincolnMK8

    Climate control and radio random resetting issue.

    Hey guys! today coming home from work, my climate control and radio kept resetting itself for no apparent reason. However the car is not shutting down and is running just fine. i was figuring that perhaps it is fuse, but when i checked the owners manual, the climate control and radio are on...
  15. JoeyLincolnMK8

    RPM surging... need some help

    Ok guys, first off let me say that i have pretty much done all i can do to try and resolve this issue. the problem is no matter what RPM and MPH, the rpm's will surge to anywhere from 2500 to 3k. the items i installed trying to fix this issue are... 1-2 springs + mercon V new MLPS 3200...
  16. JoeyLincolnMK8

    OMG. i hope that car was not a MarkVIII
  17. JoeyLincolnMK8

    Weird Air Ride Problem

    i just replaced my right front air strut. this morning i saw the front end slammed. i start the car, the bags fill up no problem. the compressor is kicking in no problem. i get no check air suspension message. but here is the thing. after i shut the car down, i hear a very very low hissing sound...
  18. JoeyLincolnMK8

    K&N Panel Filter For Sale for Mark VIII

    since i went with the LMS MAF filter kit. i am getting rid of my K&N panel filter for the mark VIII. the filter has less than 10k on it. still looks new after removing it. all i need to do is clean it and apply the that oil crap on it and it is good to go. i paid $50 for it. it can be yours for...
  19. JoeyLincolnMK8

    Trunk Ajar Message Not Working!

    when i open my trunk i do not get the "trunk ajar" displayed on the message center. i sprayed some WD-40 on the latch, worked it alil bit and did not see anything. so i am thinking it is probably a sensor/relay, or a fuse maybe? i followed the cable that comes from the trunk lid and it connects...
  20. JoeyLincolnMK8

    Hey Geno Check It!

    more info on the dodge challenger for you... haha!