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  1. chris2523

    WTB: ADDCO 632 1-1/4" Rear Sway Bar

    in search of an ADDCO 632 1-1/4" Rear Sway Bar. for 89-98 cougar/thunderbird/mark viii. anybody got one they aren't using? let me know!
  2. chris2523

    WTB: "Dimpled" 96+ 4r70w trans pan

    looking for the trans pan from a 96+ 4r70w trans. i believe all 4r pans are the same, but the 96+ pan added the dimple. anyone got one? here what the dimpled pan looks like (probably without the drain plug). thanks, Chris.
  3. chris2523

    flashing message center and eatc lights

    so when i step on the brake pedal, or use my turn signal, my message center backlight and eatc backlight start flickering. anyone seen this before? it stops if i turn my running lights or headlights on. click for video.
  4. chris2523

    1997 mark viii base rebuild.

    i am gonna use this thread to ask questions and post pictures as i go on this car. the car was sideswiped. dented the side and door. :( the rack broke. bent control arm. bent tie rod. broken headlight. easy stuff there.
  5. chris2523

    timing chain tensioners... lots of pics

    well, long story short, my mom's 2000 LS V8 chucked a timing chain tensioner a few weeks back. and between holidays, snow delayed deliveries, and it being really cold outside, i just finished this project. and good lord. i don't wanna do that again! but my main point for posting, there is no...
  6. chris2523

    starter doesn't start

    so the car didn't start. ok. dirty battery terminals. cleaned, tightened. cool. worked for a day. no crank. turn the key, nothing at all. cleaned all the terminals. nope. so while my brother holds the key in crank, i hit the solenoid with a hammer. it starts. put another solenoid in it...
  7. chris2523

    For Sale: Chrome Ten Spokes

    i have some chrome ten spokes that i am thinking of selling. does anybody want a set? good chrome. no peeling. i have all the center caps. etc. i don't have any recent pictures, but i can probably get some this weekend. the wheels are located in jefferson city, missouri. no tires...
  8. chris2523

    WTB first gen mark viii shifter handle

    looking for a tan shifter handle. mine leather is shot and it is oozing something that resembles broken down glue. sticks to me every time i shift out of park. tan preferred, but for the right price, i might take other colors. my interior has a few mismatched pieces already. what you got...
  9. chris2523

    gateway motorsports park

    have any of you STL guys been to gateway since its reopened? i was thinking about going up, but have no idea how it works, which night is the best night to go up to just run down the track a few times. anyone been up there recently? have any input?
  10. chris2523

    AC compressor locked up

    2000 LS V8 sport so the ac compressor locked up. took the clutch out with it obviously. looking for a motorcraft replacement, and i'm seeing at least 2 part numbers. mostly, YCC301 and YC2479. what's the difference?
  11. chris2523

    Gymkhana five

    hope it isnt a repost. :shifty: but this is awesome. Ken Block is the man. DC SHOES: KEN BLOCK'S GYMKHANA FIVE: ULTIMATE URBAN PLAYGROUND; SAN FRANCISCO - YouTube best viewed in full screen 1080p. :cool:
  12. chris2523

    CEL, stalling, and delayed restart.

    code 214. cam sensor right? but will a bad cam sensor shut down the car? about every 2 miles the engine shuts off and won't restart for 3-5 minutes. cam and crank sensors are pretty new, 3-4 months old. it has done this before. exact same. replaced the crank and cam sensors and it...
  13. chris2523

    CEL, O2 sensors not switching

    i have the codes 172 (R,M) Oxygen sensor not switching - system is or was lean - Single, Right or Rear HO2S - Fuel control 176 (M) Oxygen sensor not switching - system is or was lean Left or Front HO2S - Fuel control 336 (O,R,M) PFE sensor signal is/was was high - ">PFE CEL comes and goes...
  14. chris2523

    crank and cam position sensor.

    so i'm driving down the road, everything is fine, and my engine shuts off. coast to a stop, go to restart, nothing. sits for a minute. starts immediately. so i continue driving. everything is fine, and it shuts off again. sits a minute. restarts. and repeat. so. crank / cam sensor? what...
  15. chris2523

    Cobrastar emblems

    howdy gents. since the discontinuation of the cobrastars, i've seen several people on the LS side express interest if they made another run. and since many of you probably don't frequent the Mark side, you may have missed this. things...
  16. chris2523

    what kind of chip is this?

    bought a 95 cobra J4J1 computer for the cougar weekend warrior and it came with a chip. looks nothing like my SCT chip from blue oval. so my question is, what is this thing? any thoughts and comments are appreciated. thanks guys.
  17. chris2523

    mmmmm. turbo! from the other side of our forum.

    sweet turbo build on the LS side. quality work. check it out. some highlights. BTI Lincoln ls turbo - YouTube BTI Lincoln Ls turbo - YouTube BTI Lincoln Ls Turbo - YouTube BTI Lincoln Ls Turbo - YouTube...
  18. chris2523

    WTB 93 mark viii abs pump

    wanted: 1993 mark viii abs pump pretty sure only pumps from first gens fit. got anything? let me know. ~Chris
  19. chris2523


    how are those earthquakes down in oklahoma? i know this site has a number of people that live down there. i've heard about a 5.6 and a 4.7 so far. wish we would have an exciting earthquake up here in missouri. :rolleyes:
  20. chris2523

    got a miss

    so my car has a miss. i noticed it friday. slightly rough idle and a slight hesitation right off idle. pulls cleanly in all gears, but feels down on power. ran the codes. didn't find anything relevant. some IAT and MAF codes from when i had the intake tube off. removed my chipped computer...