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    Disable "Check Tail Light" Message

    How do I disable the "Check Tail Light" message when using LED tail light bulbs. I have resistors on the brake/turn signal circuit already to stop hyperflashing, that also prevents the "Check Brake Light" message from appearing. Is there a wire I can cut to stop the tail light message? This is...
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    For Sale MINT Gen 1 Mark VIII Headlight Housings

    I'm selling a set of Gen 1 Mark VIII headlights in mint condition. Both lenses are crystal clear. The chrome inside the housings are in perfect shape, no peeling or fading. All mounting tabs are working and in great condition including the metal clips. This is as close to brand new as it gets...
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    Sway bar bushings

    I have a new set of front sway bar bushings to install in my car. The new set have a split on one side of the bushing, while the stock ones appear to be one continuous piece. Should the split side be installed towards the front or rear of the vehicle? Or does it not make a difference anyway?
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    Coil cover bolt size

    Does anybody know what size bolt holds down the ignition coil covers on a gen 2? I'm missing one and need to replace it.
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    wtb: gen 2 jbl stereo amp

    I'm looking to replace my stock jbl stereo amplifier for my '97 mark viii. Let me know a price shipped to 95120. Thanks!
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    Strut Rod Bushing Removal

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of replacing my lower control arms as well as a bunch of other front suspension parts, but I've come to a problem. How do I get the strut rod bushings off? :confused: I can't seem to get the front bushing off at the arm. Any advice for removing this? I've...
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    18" octostar photoshop

    Just messing around and thought it looked neat, This is some member here's picture that I photoshopped for fun. I really liked the original picture that was posted but wanted to change a few things. I ended up adding tinted windows, lowering it, and made the octostar's a little bigger (i wish...
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    subwoofer wiring

    I've done some searching but I am still confused. I can't tell if some threads are talking about the wiring for a gen 1 or gen 2. I need information for adding an Infinity Basslink to a stock '97 JBL system. Which wires are carrying audio from the head unit to the amp? I want to tap into...
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    TRW or MOOG lower control arms

    I just purchased a set of MOOG lower control arms from amazon. I received them today and one is a MOOG part, the other is labeled TRW. Both came in MOOG boxes however. The TRW part doesn't appear to be greaseable like the MOOG part is. Should I be concerned about this? I've read that TRW parts...
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    Solid Rear Upper Shock Mount w/ Poly Bushings

    anybody have a set of these to sell? or maybe someone to get in contact with who has these?? Let me know, Thanks!