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    Wtb 98 red lsc grill

    I could use a toreador red grill for my 98 LSC if anyone has one? Thanks, Mike
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    WTB Octastar center cap

    If anyone has a chrome one, I'd be interested? Thanks, Mike
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    lincolnmotosport mufflers

    I live in newburgh NY and was wondering if anyone had a set of these on thier car that was close enough for me to come hear them from in the car? I don't want another set of mufflers that sound good outside but drone inside under 2000 rpm. Thanks, Mike
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    Stuck IMRC

    hey guys, I've been working with my friend on his new to him, 1998 mark lsc black on black, 66k, with octastars. We are getting a 1518 imrc code, tried seafoaming it 3x's still hasn't cleared. Sprayed the back side spring and they still don't seem to want to free up. Any ideas, we need to clear...
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    mark stereo upgrade

    The time has come to upgrade my stereo. I was thinking new headunit with touchscreen, speaker upgrade inside cabin, with twin 10's in trunk with there own amp in a bandpass box. I listen to everything but rap and hiphop, any sugestions one specifics as it may take me a little while to round up...
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    Cobra R's Availability Again

    Hi! I have needed one chrome 17x9 Cobra R with no luck, but now SuperCoupe Performance is having some made to fit our cars with 36mm offset. Other sizes and widths also available, contact them if interested.Don't remember their web address, I called them on the phone, that's more my speed. I...
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    Cobra R needed

    Hi everyone, I need one 1995 style cobra r wheel to complete my set. I have to replace the one damaged in my son's wreck. Does anyone have a 17x9 to fit a 98 mark? Thanks
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    p0172& p0175 trouble

    Hi Everyone! I just registered today, but have been reading this site for a couple of years, couldn't get registered with AOL before but it worked today and got my third gen2 two days ago, a beautiful toreador 98 lsc with 47,000 on the clock. Geno, you will see it soon, that's the good news, now...