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    1993-1998 mk 8 brake rotors/pads---new---great deal---

    Hi, I bought some drilled/slotted rotors (full set) from summit racing for 1993-1998. I also got monroe brakes semi metallic pads. All are in box. I paid about 50 ea for rotors, and about 35 ea for pads, (+/- 10%), they are actually a bit cheaper now than they were, only by a few $. I...
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    What Do You Use To Seal Headlights?

    nissan actually recommeneded that I put my frontier head lights in oven when I had moisture. They said 150-180--lowest setting on oven, put in with no bulbs, and leave in for 20 min Then let it cool normally. This re heats the butyl rubber seal and seals it. You can also buy the butyl...
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    NEEDED FOR 93 Mark Viii

    HI I have a 93 MK VIII that is in very good mechanical condition. I need basically the interior---in varying degrees of need. I have been able to get a few new parts from dealer, primarily the hard plastic skirt that holds the seat switches--those were like 40$ ea from dealer, but most are no...
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    anyone parting out a 93-96 mark VIII ?

    HI, I need the logo for the trunk and I need the instrument panel holder (the black plastic under the trim that the speedometer/tach/light switch /ac vents) are all held by. Its about 2 ft long and goes from left of dash to airbag. Its for a 93-96. Mine is broken next to the light switch so it...
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    97 black with cream mark viii partout NC

    lights HI how about the frtont corner lights? IF the other guy got the headlights, will you sell the corner light assys and I will arrange for shipping so all you have to do is remove them and give them to the guy I get. He will ship them. Thanks Mark 623.205.0685 Also, need little...
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    Wanted, Gen2 headlight/corner light assy

    HI, I need Complete Gen2, headlight and corner light assys (R and L). Please contact me asap if you have good ones. Mark, mtstanley at (Obviously at is replaced with @)
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    NEED: Gen 1 Front Corner lights Assys

    hi all, my corner lights are B UGLY. They are so ugly ---oh well, I will stop all attempts at humor, thats how ugly they are. If you have some, let me know. Also want GEN2 head and corner light assy's. Thanks Mark, mtstanley at (Obviously at is replaced with @)
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    Ford/JBL Cd changer (in trunk)

    Hi, I have the factory CD changer that goes with the JBL stereo. It connects via a blue multi conductor cable, which I can unfish or give you the pinouts if you need. This thing mounts on the back end, on the right side of the trunk, and is about 12" wide, 8-10" deep, and about 3-4" tall...
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    HI Bro, on the other site, you have a tan console. Still got it? How much...

    HI Bro, on the other site, you have a tan console. Still got it? How much?, mark
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    Mark VIII Parts

    Also forgot. I have a license plate assy for front. We do not use front plates here in AZ. Its on the car, so I could ship with screws and everything else req to mount. If interested, pm me. Thanks!
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    Mark VIII Parts

    Obviously certain people are ignored. Its proven now that 1400+ posts proves nothing. just converted to springs, have good compressor, 1 good front strut, and 2 good rears. The other front leaks. I also have all 4 solenoids. I should have posted all of this in seperate posts, that way I...
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    FS: First gen headlight housings

    Will they go on a 93? DO you have any estimate of cost to continental US? I am seriously interested. Thanks
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    Mark VIII Parts

    re: "Look at dates" I have seeen the guy post elsewhere. How do I know he did not or will not pm and so no post would be seen, or wont post since he is around. If not, then admin please contact him and ask his intentions and either keep open or close the post. Obviously it is an irritation...
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    Parting out white 93 Mark

    control arms ? console parts?=--cup holder etc? Let me know,
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    93 Mark VIII Parts

    please email me at if you have w cost.
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    93 Mark VIII Parts

    do you still have it/ I need console parts, cup holders/ash tray door. Basically all parts between shifter and center "storage box"
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    94 Mark VIII parts available

    are they avail? can you email and let me know if yes and how much? thx
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    Mark VIII Parts

    fuse door (on drivers side of dash when door is open) Hi I need the little fuse door. You cant see it until the drivers side door is open, and then its on the side of the dash. How much? Thanks!
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    Parting out 93 mark viii !!

    parts Hi, I had sent a private msg, I want to see about the 2 headlight assy, the door for the fuse box (on side of dash when driver door open), the two cup holders and doors/lids in console, Let me know. Thanks!! Mark
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    air ride problems--convert to spring? Yes/No?

    HI, my car very intermittently gives the error "check air ride system". When this happens, the drivers side rear starts to sag. It will sag about 3-4" lower than the passenger rear. I have had the entire system checked by dealer for leaks, no leaks. THey say "one sensor", so if it were bad...